I'm not wearing pants.

I was down in the basement doing laundry and I noticed that due to a huge rainstorm going on outside, water has leaked in. It then very soon came to my attention that the bottom of my pajama pants had gotten wet. The easiest solution seemed to be to take off the pants and toss 'em in with the laundry. Henceforth, I’m wearing a tank top, underwear and slippers. Pantsless. Hot.

Mundane and pointless, indeed.

Mundane, Pantsless Stuff I Must Share.

Where’s the webcam link when you need one?

Pantsless? I like the sound of that. Now, if we can only manage to somehow get your shirt and underwear wet, so you’re forced to take those off as well, we just might be in business.

I wouldn’t be wearing pants if they’d only let me wear a kilt to work. “Not suitable business attire” my ass…neither are polyester seersucker suits and clip-on ties. :eek:



That was the first thing I did when I got home yesterday, as we had no a/c* at the store and the thermostat was reading around 96 degrees inside.
Cranked the a/c to about 50 and off they went.
It was abso-fricking-lutely marvelous.

*Well we did but we thought it was severely leaking water every time we ran it so we had shut it off but it turned out to be coming from the dehumidifier that my boss man had cranked up to help absorb the water that we thought was coming from the a/c so we suffered needlessly for about 3 days. :mad:

Don’t know you, but feel compelled to point out that your ass probably isn’t suitable business attire. Just saying.

Me? No pants either today. :wink:

We need updates- Put the rest of your stuff in the next load.

I am often shirtless when I get home. It’s my normal state of existence. My roommates have come to accept this and rarely hassle me over it. I suppose it helps that I outweigh any two of them combined. In one case, any three.

Of course, that would be much more exciting if you were female.

I feel the dire need here to point out that I’m 6’5" and thus my weight is carried quite well…

You’re telling me!

I agree with everyone else in the thread saying you should go ahead and put the rest of your clothes in the wash too. Then, since you’re down in the basement with all those exposed pipes and all, you might want to put on some sort of helmet or something.

And then of course the meter reader will show up.

Oh, I feel I should also add that my typical attire once I get home from work is just boxers. Off with my shirt, pants, and socks. Why wear them? It’s hot, I have no A/C, and I live alone. I’m sure one of these days, though, I’m going to accidentally answer the door in my underwear. :smack:

I hope on that day I’m the one knocking. :wink:

I pretty much exclusively post here wearing only boxers, in fact this is the only time I ever remember posting wearing more. (I have jeans on.)

I’m not wearing pants either. Today it’s shorts day, since my jammie pants are in the wash. I hate laundry day because my computer chair pinches bare skin.

Does it count if I’d just taken a shower and the maintainance guy let himself into the wrong apartment?

I typically lose my clothes too as soon as I get home. I keep the underwear on, because my family doesn’t like to see me naked, that I know of.

In my dorm room, though, all bets are off. :smiley:

Variant mandatory joke: A lady takes a load of laundry to the machine, and decides that after a day of housework, what she’s wearing is grubby and should go in the machine, too.

As she’s heading towards the bedroom, there’s a knock at the front door. “Who’s there?” she asks. “Blind man,” is the reply. Figuring she should give him a few bucks, she grabs some money from her purse and opens the door.

He says, “Nice tits! Your neighbor ordered 6 sets of pleated minis. Any clue when she gets home?” :smiley: