Do you change your clothes after work?

I do. I generally wear a skirt to work, so at a minimum I’ll take off my tights and swap the skirt for jeans when I get home, and put on my nice warm fleece slippers. If I’m wearing a dress, obviously I’ll change my top too, to a sweatshirt or whatever. In the summer, when I change into shorts, I almost always change my top – if I wear a T-shirt to work, it’s a “dress” T-shirt, and I’ll change to a normal (slogan-bedecked, men’s style) tee when I get home.

How 'bout you? Do you dress differently at work and at home?

Monday to Thursday I change as soon as I get home. Well, change in the sense that I strip down, shower and then decide if I want to put something on again or not. Friday we are casual dress, so it’s usually jeans and a tshirt. We normally go out to dinner friday evenings so I don’t get home till much later than usual.

Weekend dress for me is usually jeans and a tshirt.

A little, but not too much since we’re fairly casual here anyway–I mostly wear jeans or cords anyway. But I do find jeans a bit more comfortable than cords, so if I happen to have worn cords to work, I might put on a pair of jeans when I get home.

I almost invariably change to shorts as soon as I get home. I find them much more comfortable for lounging around. Since I wear t-shirts most of the time, there’s no need to change shirts to get comfy.

The instant I get home I feel compelled to change clothes. It’s not like I dress up much for work - I usually wear casual pants or jeans. But as soon as I get home I change into a t-shirt and shorts or sweatpants. I take off all my jewelry, too, except for my plain wedding band.

When I first met my husband, he stayed “dressed” all day until he was ready for bed - shoes on, shirt tucked in, belt belted. He owned only one pair of infrequently-worn sweatpants. I’ve been a bad influence over the years, because now he dresses down as soon as he can too.

A couple of weeks ago I had to go in to the office on Saturday, and as I was walking out the door my six-year-old asked me why I was going to work in my “home shirt”.

Change AND shower. I work in a kitchen, so I come home smelling like a grease trap. My work clothes come off and go into a ball in the corner of my room, then I shower and scrub off the crud.

I’m a jeans and a tee guy, which ain’t kosher at work, so “yes.”

Immediately. I change into my night clothes (shorts and t-shirt in summer or pajamas in winter). I do this even if I plan on going back out a bit later, which would require another change of clothes.

Hell, yeah. Jeans and a tee at home, or sometimes cotton shorts, if I feel like sprawling on the couch.

(I’m fairly buttoned-down at work – usually slacks, a dress-shirt, and “grown-up” shoes. Skip the tie, mostly – I’m all anarchist like that.)

Absolutely. Bra off, shoes off, jeans off, sweats on. I usually wear casual sweaters or shirts to work anyway, so as long as I lose the bra, I’m comfy.


Off come the office clothes, on come a tank top and a pair of shorts or sweats (temperature depending).

My husband does exactly the same thing (only with a tshirt isntead of a tank top).

It tops my list of priorities. Shoes, tie, pants, shirt, socks. In colder weather I might put a Hawaiian shirt on, but I rarely bother to button it up.

Always. In winter, I change into sweats; in summer, into a t-shirt and shorts. Those are much more dog-friendly than the business casual stuff I wear to work.

Always. I work in a professional office so I usually wear a nice skirt, collared shirt, and heels to work. After work, I either go to practice and so change into workout gear or I go home and put on shorts, a comfy jogbra, and a tank top. I never change into pajamas, I have a strict rule about only wearing pajamas for sleeping and always wearing a bra if I’m not sleeping (otherwise, I’ll give into the temptation to start napping).

Straight into my jammies as soon as I can. I’ll stay dressed if I know I’m heading back out later, but my instinct is to change to comfy clothes when I get through the door. Especially if I’m wearing nylons for work. Bleh.

I keep the bra on until bedtime, though, most of the time. Otherwise I feel like a bum. It’s not logical in the least, but that’s how I see it.

This is fascinating. I definitely dress far less casually than most of my coworkers, so I figured I was in a minority of “needing” to change to comfy clothes. Apparently not.

If I’m going to be home alone, I’ll often change out of my clothes and spend the evening in bathrobe, boxers and slippers. If I’m going to be out and about, though, or if someone is coming over, I don’t bother changing. I’m comfy in the slacks and collared shirts I wear to work.

I work from home. So after work if I plan on doing anything, that means putting on REAL clothes.

I guess I’m one of the exceptions here. I dress fairly casually for work, usually blue jeans and a golf shirt/sport shirt. When I come home, I’m perfectly content to lounge around the house without changing until bedtime.

If it’s summer, I usually throw on a pair of shorts and a tank top when I get home since it’s still light outside. In the winter, I typically put on pajamas when I get home, even though I get home at 5:30.