Do you wear shorts or pants at home?

I’m curious about the ratio of shorts to pants wearers when at home. For me, I don’t feel comfortable and relaxed unless I’m in shorts and a t-shirt. I need to have the airiness and freedom of movement that comes with wearing shorts. I do this even in the winter time. When I go to university or something like that, I typically wear long pants. I like to be casual when at home and relaxing but I get the feeling that there may be people out there who always dress fancy like in the soap operas on TV.

So, do you wear shorts or do you stay dressed up at home?

When I get home, I immediately change into my boxers, sweat pants or whatevers. I depends on the season. Oh, but if I’m going somewhere soon, I’ll just keep on whatever I wore to work or school.

I like to be cozy at home, who doesn’t?

When I come home, the first thing that goes is the bra, the girls hate bras dammit! Then I change into one of my umpteen thousand pairs of comfy sleep pants and and oversized T-shirt. Every night, without fail. Even if I am going out later I will change for the few hours I am home and then pick out my outfit for the evening. I actually just bought ANOTHER pair of comfy sleep pants yesterday while shopping for my nieces, they were too cute not to buy.

Shorts and a T-shirt. No socks, no underwear, no sweatshirts.

If company is coming over, I try to make it a point to put on at least some jeans.

I am in and out of the house most days, so usually I keep on my “going out” clothes, minus shoes.

However, if I am home for a large part of the day, I either wear a cotton dress or a velour sweat suit. These are comfortable but attractive. I don’t like the idea of looking like crap and dropping all standards just because I’m at home. Someone might come by, or I might have an errand to run. Also, for people with spouses, I would think it would be a drag and a turn-off to always see your spouse dressed in grubbies.

I have Home Clothes and Outside Clothes. Each of these classes of garment are worn in the two very separate zones of Home and Outside, where the laws of nature concerning clothing work in fundamentally different ways. Outside, in the world, I’m perfectly capable of going about my business, getting on with my life and feeling totally comfortable wearing regular clothes (pants, sweater, jacket, a belt, etc. - even shoes!), just like the next guy. However, the second I set foot inside my own apartment, I’m suddenly STRANGLED by these incredibly TIGHT and ITCHY and UNCOMFORTABLE instruments of torture, and have to peel them off instantly and change into Home Clothes, consisting of sweatpants, some old oversized T-shirt and my ugliest hoodie. Only when this transformation is complete am I again able to breathe. It works the other way, too. Wear Home Clothes outside, on the street? Doesn’t matter if it’s in the middle of summer or whenever, I’ll feel NAKED and WEIRD and people will LOOK AT ME FUNNY!

I feel weird doing that. Yet one more reason why I hardly ever have company these days. I also have a firm policy of living alone.

Immediately upon getting home I shuck off everything in exchange for a pair of sweats and a hoodie, sometimes accompanied or replaced by one of several long-sleeved shirts that I nabbed off the Old Navy clearance rack years ago for a few bucks each. They’re sort of midway in weight between a sweatshirt and regular shirt, and sort of fuzzy inside. I wish I’d bought a hundred of them, they’re that comfy. They’re also paint-splattered, oil-stained, and have a few little rat-gnawed holes* so are not precisely what most would classify as presentable public-wear. Also socks and sheepskin slippers.
I have to agree with Peak Banana on the mysterious phenomenon of outside clothes suddenly becoming hideously uncomfortable instantly upon crossing the home threshold. I can’t de-pant fast enough when I get in the door.

I don’t actually own a pair of shorts.

*pets, not vermin!

I change within five minutes of coming home. I throw on comfy lounge pants and a large t-shirt or sweat shirt depending on the weather.

I hate outside clothes and shoes. I want to be comfy at all times. I will remain in sweats all weekend if I have no where to go.

My BF on the other hand gets dressed in jeans and a t-shirt or sweatshirt when he gets up regardless if he is going anywhere. He also remains dressed even when he gets home. He also leaves his shoes on 50% of the time the other half he puts on his slippers.

You will rarely see him in sweat pants longer than a half hour after he gets up in the morning and 99% of the time it is because he is going to jump in the shower soon and then dress.

The only time he wears sweat pants any longer is laundry day and then after it is done he gets dressed.

Shorts and a Tee Shirt is dressed for work, for me. I wear the same thing year round, and only add sweat pants and a jacket in very cold weather. (I have heat in my home, in my car, and in my workplace. The hundred foot distance I travel in uncontrolled climate is trivial.) When I get home, I see no need to wear clothes at all, since I live alone, and the temperature is comfortable without clothes. On the rare occasion that folks knock on my door, I have a pair of shorts and a tee shirt handy. I also keep good cold weather gear in the car, to deal with theoretical emergency needs.


Shorts and wife beater.Now that it’s heating season and the wood stove is fired,would prefer skivvies.Decorum prevents.Too much flak from the kid.

I always wear long pants. Sometimes I change into sweatpants when I get home, if I don’t have to go back out again, but I haven’t worn shorts in years.

I’m single and get few visitors so I just usually have on my boxers.

In winter teeshirt and sweat pants. In summer teeshirt and shorts.

In summer when it’s time to put my “comfies” on it’s boxer type shorts with a t-shirt or tank top. In the winter, it’s scrub pants with a sweatshirt. I also have these fleece pants called “Granny Pants” (that’t the brand name) that I wear when it’s really cold.

I hate lounging in jeans and such. I’m all about comfort.

When I get home from work, I change into shorts & T (barefooted) in the spring/summer/fall, and lounge pants & sweat shirt (socks & slippers) in the winter, always commando, either right before or right after dinner. On weekends & other days off, I put on something temperature-appropriate, again commando, within an hour of waking up, whether I’ve showered or not. I don’t like the feeling of having just rolled out of bed all day long, which is how I feel if I don’t get dressed. I only put on underwear, if I do at all, if I know I’ll be leaving the house. Not sure why that is, exactly.

Tie-dye, shorts, flip-flops/slippers around the house.

Heavy cotton jogging shorts to bed.

Shorts & t-shirts year round, no shoes. In winter, I may wear track pants, and I usually wear some kind of house sock, because my feet get cold easily.

Um. Pants? Shorts? I don’t understand… :confused:

Doesn’t everyone run around in their underwear at home?

As soon as I get home, I take off my shirt and put on a comfortable one. I like to wear jeans around the house, but my mom gets mad at me. :rolleyes: So I will generally wear shorts.

I peel off everything and dive for my silk kung-fu suit. It’s multi-seasonal. Best $50 I ever spent.