Pandemic poll: Are you wearing pants?

No one likes having to wear pants. The pandemic, having forced many people to stay home, has given them the freedom to not wear proper pants, and either to lounge about in pyjama pants and track pants or, perhaps, wear no pantaloons of any sort. So how are you handling this?

I am not wearing pants! I am also not at home. :smiley:

No trying to skirt the issue.

Pants being present depend on the house temps.

Cycling shorts or tights outside.


Although I’ll be in my sweats for a while after getting up, and at night after I shower (especially after working in the yard, or working out), I generally get dressed, including pants, for most of the day. I don’t feel fully awake and “adult” unless I’m dressed, even though the sweats are more comfortable.

Coworkers and I are all working at home but do lunch over Zoom and yesterday we got on the topic of pants. One of my friends confessed that she’s unsure if she’s gaining weight because she’s stopped wearing real pants three weeks ago. I asserted that I know I’m not because I’m still wearing pants or jeans with zippers and buttons every day :stuck_out_tongue:

I am currently wearing yoga pants. This is what I wear all the time at home, pretty much, unless it’s really cold, and I wear flannel pants, or really warm, and I wear men’s sleep shorts (because they don’t make them for women, that’s why; actually, the flannel pants are usually men’s too).

However, when I go to the store, I switch to cargo pants/shorts, depending on temp. Cargo pockets, that’s why. Wallet goes in right cargo pocket, billfold in left, keys in right hip pocket, cell phone in left. And these days, I slip in a few bottles of hand sanitizer and packs of wet wipes, plus a pack of Kleenexes.

I HATE carrying a purse. I own three. One is a big, ugly denim one that holds a shit-ton of stuff, including a laptop, an entire meal, a first aid kit, and a paperback book, and I bought it from Goodwill for taking on airplanes. Unless I am wearing a skirt or flying, I do not carry a purse.

I try to avoid feeling either one of those ;).

I’m still working and can’t telecommute, so pants whenever I’m farther from my place than the trash disposal. At home it is sweatpants ~90% of the time.

I picked pjs. Except I’m not leaving the house at all. Not sure that I’d wear them out in the world.
They are very cute, tho. Pink and red hearts over pale yellow. Grandwrek said I look like Valentine’s day.

Comfort is what’s important, to me. YMMV

I wear sweatpants or shorts at home, and pants or shorts when out- which is not at all, right now.

I choose option 1, which is closest, I think.

I’m sealed up in my home for the duration, but I (mostly) put on pants prior to breakfast. If I happen to keel over dead at my computer, I want the police/EMS to find me looking sharp.

I try to wear regular pants at some point in the day. Today, I wore PJs in the morning, and had to go outside to take out recycling and didn’t change to pants, quite the unusual move.

Pants? We don’t need no stinking pants!

Mostly sweat pants (or in the parlance of the OP “track pants”), or shorts, depending on the temp.

I wear shorts at all times at home, and pants at most times when outside. Wasn’t one of the options.

I live in jeans unless the situation dictates something dressier or more athletic.

Pantation? During a pantdemic? Pantdemonium!

I’m actually wearing pants more because of the pandemic.

My normal routine is I don’t wear pants at home. I often spend the day in my bathrobe.

But my father is hospitalized and my mother needs assistance at home so I am staying with her. And she appreciates me getting dressed.

Its still to cold to not wear sweats.

I voted that I have to wear pants because I’m still working, but the “have to” part of that has never actually been tested by me.

I still put on the same clothes I would have worn if I were going to the office, even though I’m working from home. It helps maintain at least some sense of normalcy.

Also I keep my thermostat kind of low, so it would get a bit chilly without pants.