Are you wearing pants?

I am. I’m wearing my favorite pair of sweat pants. They have a hole in the ass, so I can’t wear them outside. I have had them for about 5 years. They’re not even really my pants…I stole them from an ex.
I love my pants. :slight_smile:

Once again, caught with my pants down.

I have a really long shirt on but absolutely NO pants whatsoever. :eek:

I am. I’ve been wearing this pair of pants since yesterday. Long night, didn’t go to sleep. Football will keep me awake.

Damn! I knew I forgot something when I came to work today! No wonder everyone’s been giving me weird looks.



They have runs going down each of the inner thighs. I get compliments.

Nope, just gym shorts.

Pants, yes. Underpants, no.

Jammie pants!

I’m posting in my underwear today!

I just woke up and stumbled over to the computer to check email. Somehow I ended up here.

But the point is, I’m still nekkid. Probably not for long though.

Haha! I’m not wearing pants!

I’m wearing…

…a dress!!


Thought I wasn’t wearing anything, huh, you dirty perverts! :stuck_out_tongue:

I just got out of the shower and am wearing a towel.

mmmmmm . . . porcupine in a towel.

ugly flanel pj pants, but they count.

No pants. No drawers either. It’s 1:30 eastern and I’m still abed. I love Sundays.

Me too!!

I’m wearing these wickedly ugly plaid wool pants I bought at a Goodwill, but I don’t yet have the balls to wear in public.

Now I am wearing pants (sweats, to be specific). And worst of all, I am at work. :mad: