Have you ever been physically violent to an inanimate object that pissed you off?

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Agreed. I have never broken or damaged anything because of my rage but I have punched things.

I swear, inanimate objects conspire against you!

I’ve punched uncooperative cars a couple-few times. It gets their attention. You don’t hit motorcycles though. That would be morally wrong.

I smashed an iPad once. Also, I once threw a cell phone out of a 2nd storey window. Both times the devices were being very disobedient, and both times it felt great!

Yes, yes I have. Last time I can remember doing that was when I was POed at the alarm clock. Not only was it unreliable when I needed it to go off the the morning, it would also go off at random intervals, finally I took it by it’s cord and smashed it against the floor, until it was busted to smithereens.
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That might not work out so well durring a difficult surgery LOL>

At a former job there was an electronic sensor that was malfunctioning dozens of times per day. Every time it did, it shut the entire production line down and I would have to duck under a conveyor and restart the line.

I reported it to maintenance but after over a week it was still malfunctioning and my back was killing me from ducking under the line. After approximately the 500th time the damn thing tripped, I calmly (not) grabbed the largest crescent wrench I could find and smashed it to bits.

I then took the bits to the head office and confessed my sin, saying “I’ll pay for it, but I just couldn’t deal with this anymore!” The boss laughed, and informed me that the sensors were ~$6000 each. Thankfully, he didn’t make me pay for it and said “I should have fixed it sooner, sorry”

Everyone’s dream of this is depicted in Office Space with the office printer/fax. One of my favorite movie scenes. I can’t link to it because I cannot get to YouTube now.

Michael Bolton: “PC load letter! What the fuck does that mean?”

I have many times, but not in a while. I mostly stopped trying to fix anything, because frustration with my mechanical ineptitude was usually the root cause.

Well, I own a Jeep, so…

I use a headsetat work. I also get mad at work. The headsets can survive being slammed into the ground no more than three times.

Never. Sometimes to my own detriment, actually–like carefully setting down a piece of electronics that got way hotter than expected after doing soldering work, and burning myself in the process. I’d have been better off flinging it across the room.

My sister has been known to smash phones and other things. I never understood it. I won’t even slam a door.

Fifty years ago I witnessed an episode of “angry violence directed at an inanimate object” that I’ve never forgetten. Our Boy Scout troop was backpacking in the mountains, when I happened to notice Bobby G, a younger, quiet low-key kind of kid, stubbing his toe on a rock in the trail. He stumbled, regained his balance, walked back to the rock and gave it a good kick, while cursing it with this expletive:

“Stupid Jackass POOPOO !!”

Hilarity ensued, and to this day I use Bobby’s oath when circumstances entail its invocation.

(The SJPP rock never budged, being only the tip of what must have been a substantial boulder below ground.)

And in days of yore, lots of surgeons threw instruments and other equipment around the OR, at walls, assistants, nurses, etc. Nowadays, such behavior is much more frowned upon.

I’ve not compromised a procedure or a patient in that manner, however.

I have snapped my gloves, though. And still do sometimes.

I had an NES game, RoboWarrior, that had no save capability. After weeks of learning it and tracing my best path through, I was almost to the end, and the power in my apartment went out.

I know it wasn’t the game’s fault, but shit, I’d had entirely enough of that game. I removed temptation by breaking the cartridge with a hammer. I’ll add that it was a lot harder to break an NES cartridge with a hammer than you might think.

Take that, “PC Load Letter”!
(Great minds, Hermitian.)

You haven’t loaded Windows 10 on an older computer yet I bet.


Exactly! I hate it when inanimate objects don’t cooperate!

Sure. Whenever I trip over something (even a hole in the ground), I make a point of turning around and kicking it. That’ll teach it!