Have you ever been told you look like a celebrity?

If so who?

Way back in my 20’s I had one dude tell me I looked like Demi Moore (think St. Elmo’s Fire), and another one about 5 years later compare me to Cheers era Kirstie Alley. They were weirdos.

Yup. Chuck Norris. I’ve been told this by lots of people including a couple of Syrian border guards on the crossing from Killis, Turkey in 2000.

When I was young – Veronica Lake.

Yes. Have you? Which one? How did that make you feel? Did you agree with it? If that celebrity were a piece of fruit, which fruit would they be? What is your favorite fruit?

A Thai girl working in a shop on Khao San Road once told me I looked like Mark Twain.

When I was much younger, I was told I looked like Omar Sharif . . . when he was much younger (and alive).

From about age 15 to 25 I was often told I resembled Don Grady, who played Robbie Douglas on My Three Sons. Probably because it was true-- even I could see it.

In my 20s I got…

[li]Suzanne Vega[/li][li]Claire Danes (this was “My So Called Life” era)[/li][li]“a young Helen Mirren”[/li][/ul]

In my 30s, one or two Dopers I met IRL told me Willow from Buffy

In my 40s now and no one ever says I look like anyone !

In my early twenties…Steve McQueen.

Nate Mendel from the Foo Fighters. They’re right, I do.

I look exactly like that guy who was in that thing. No, not that one, the other one. The guy with the hair and the walk, you know. Yeah, that guy. Well, I used to. Now I look like his Dad.

When I was a kid, some classmates told me I looked like the Zodiac Killer. Does he count as a celebrity?

“Looked like”, no, but I once had a woman tell me my singing voice sounded exactly like that of Sam the Sham.

People have told me I look like Matt Damon, I don’t really think I do, more just generic white guy with a buzz haircut.

I’ve been told I look somewhat like Lewis Black.

People say Jeff Bridges looks like me.

Johnny Depp.

That is super cool.

Kenny Rogers, Jerry Garcia, and Santa Clause, depending on my weight at the time.

At times when my weight was out of control (ok, much more out of control) I’d been compared to both Jerry Garcia and Leslie West.