Have you ever been told you look like a celebrity?

Yeah, me too.

I’ve been told I sound like John Lithgow.

I’ve heard my recorded voice and I don’t hear any resemblance at all.

Somebody told me I look like Drew Carey once. Considering the fact that I’m at least 10 inches taller than him and 50 pounds heavier, I’m pretty sure they were just pulling my leg.

When I was a little girl people said I looked like Mary Tyler Moore (I did)
As a teen, Pat Benetar(probably my big horse teeth)
In my 20s and 30s I got Rosie Perez (fuck off) and . . .Eartha Kitt!(grrrrrrr!)
About a year ago someone told me I look like a cross between Jennifer Lopez and Faye Dunaway (I wish)

Robert Carlyle (I can’t see it)

Gary Oldman (I can’t see it)

Viggo Mortensen (I can’t see it)

John Simm (there are photos of Simm that cause me to double-take – when I saw him in Human Traffic there were some scenes that had me uncomfortably feeling “Hey, I don’t remember doing that!” I’ve almost been tempted to ask my father if he might have been playing around in the late 60s.)

In my 20s and 30s I got told I looked like both Robin Williams and Bill Murray quite a lot.

The other week I was at the bagel store with my kid and the girl behind the counter told me I look like Harry Truman :smiley:

A Hutterite woman in a small town bar looked at me, smiled and said, “Jesus?” back when I was under 33 and had long hair and a beard.

Once. Rick Moranis. :eek:

I’ve been told on several occasions, by a variety of strangers, friends and acquaintances, that I remind them of Will Ferrell. My wife doesn’t see it, and neither do I. But I’ve gotten it so much, there must be something to it.

Back in my college years, when I had long hair, the comments alternated between one of the Hansonbrothers and the drummerfrom Hootie and the Blowfish (the dude next to Hootie).

I got the Jesus thing a couple of times. It was just the long hair and the beard unless there are images of Jesus eating better and working out that I don’t know about.

It is important for this setup for you to know that I am unmistakably female. Of a certain generous size.

A man approached me once as I was chatting with a friend while waiting for the light and asked me if I was in New York for the opening of Hairspray. I told him no. He said “I’m sorry, you look just like the star of the movie.” We both kind of stared at him for a moment, and I asked, somewhat incredulously, “John Travolta or Divine?” Fortunately, he suddenly sensed that his presence was unwelcome and slunk away.

I was once told by a girl I met in a bar that I look like Andy Garcia’s character in Goodfellas. There isn’t a single thing about that statement that makes sense, but she was hot, so I ran with it.

In my 30’s and early 40’s I got Meredith Baxter-Birney (and I did). Not so much anymore. Now I get “you and your brother look like you could be twins” and it’s true. He is the male version of me … we’re identical. No, my brother is not famous. Just sayin’.

In my early adolescence, my nose was a bit too big for my face. One kid on the school bus insisted that I looked like Lou Ferrigno.

Just my face.

I had a picture of Ulrike Meinhof lying around my house and my father mistook it for a picture of me.

She was a terrorist but might have been close to being a celebrity in her time.

Yes, but not too often, and seldom if ever the same celeb by more than one person. Three I recall are “the guy from Dexy’s Midnight Runners” (Kevin Rowland), “Mr. Bean” (Rowan Atkinson) and “Hulk from the Avengers” (SSOO thinks Mark Ruffalo the most likely one; I couldn’t guess).


Stop doing this.

I was stopped outside the Fox theater in San Diego in 1982 and asked if I was Ralph nader.

When I was younger, and had more hair, I would hear either Peter Tork (of the Monkees) or Larry Bird (who’s also 11 inches taller than me).

Now that I have less hair, I hear Colin Mochrie (of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”) a lot, including the woman at a restaurant, a couple of years ago, who was quite certain that I was Mr. Mochrie.