Have You Ever Bought/Received a Car for Christmas?

When I turned 16 my step-brother and I were given a beat-up old Chevy pickup truck as a Christmas gift.

You sure about that? What car brands were they again? Don’t YouTube now…

My first car was a college-graduation gift, but it was my mother’s seven-year-old station wagon, so we’re not talking brand-new Lexus or anything.

When I was a freshly-licensed 17 year old, I would have gladly sold my soul for some sort of car. So for Hannukah that year Dad gave me a little toy car from the dollar store. He thought it was hilarious.

It’s primarily one brand that runs these ads at Xmas. Not only to I immediately know the brand, I also know the tagline and name of the sale.

“Gee, Dad, years from now when your feeling sad and lonely in the old folk’s home, I’ll be sure to hop in my LITTLE TOY CAR and come visit you.”