Have you ever..? (concerning dreams)

Have you ever had such a messed up dream that you now question your sanity? I have had that dream this night.

Basically all I recall of it right now is that it appears to be of a night I got totally wasted in about beginning of June and made some bad decisions. (Okay, okay I slept with a guy who I’ve only seen once since. I was drunk and getting over the fact that my bf at the time had been sleeping with 3 other women as well as me. Not trying to excuse it, just stating my state of mind at the time.) But it had different people this time though. Such as one friend, Donovan, who wasn’t there was passed out on the couch. Mainly though, instead of this guy in the dream I was sleeping with a good buddy of mine whom I love but consider a big brother, and he considers me a little sister, despite our being the exact same age. I would never consider having sex with him sober or even more drunk than I was that night! (Though in the dream we both appeared pretty sober)

He did move away recently, about 150 Km away actually. But can I really be that sex deprived right now and miss him so much that I mix the two in some messed up dream that now keeps me from sleeping a few more hours. I really need the sleep too, I’m kinda sick. I’ve got a really bad cold right now.

Its easy to mix up parts of your life when asleep. As you don’t have control, its really just sorting out the mess in any way it can.
I often have dreams where people are so far out of their ‘normal’ context they were almost disturbing.

I have also had dreams that were so banal and ordinary that I totally thought they had happened, having no real reason to not accept them. Sometimes it would be a few days after the dream before I would realise the event never actually took place. Something like losing a tooth, or buying a book. I would only realise when I couldn’t find the book and ‘remembered’ I bought it in a dream.

Dreams are weird. Probably best just to leave it at that. :slight_smile:

I generally have a dream where I win the lottery. I have it about 1 every 3 months. It’s so realist that when I wake up I have a hard time removing the gun from my mouth :smiley:

Well, I never!

…once I had a pretty realistic dream where I was Spider-Man. When I woke up, I was putting my hands on the walls for a few minutes, trying to figure out why I wasn’t sticking.

i think the main thing to keep in mind is that dreams are always messed up. for example, last night a plane crashed in my dream, and i was on a military firing range, the bottom line is that, i am not in the military and, well i have no idea where the plane crash comes into things. basically, dont take any notice of your dreams.
i hate dreams because i often dream about people and it totally changes my opinion of them for a few days

If you base your life on American sitcoms (as I tend to) this kind of sex dream seems to be incredibly common. I recall similar plots from Friends (Rachel dreamt about Joey and Chandler) and Will and Grace (Will dreamt about sex with Grace). So it probably means you’re turning into a sitcom character and your life will henceforth be shallow, witty and soon-to-be-cancelled. I hope your theme tune doesn’t suck :slight_smile:

Two nights ago I dreamt that the city of Mississauga, Ontario, whree I work, had a land border with Tajikistan, on the west side of Winston Churshill Blvd! I could just drive across with no formalities.

In the dream, the Tajiks drove on the left. I drove in along the main road, which was dual with a median, but didn’t really go anywhere special. Exiting back to Mississauga was a little confusing though; some of the road markings were ambiguous.

This dream was actually kind of cool.

Yeah, it sounds like your brain mish-mashed the two separate and distinct notions.

I knew someone in college who had to see a therapist because she kept having horrendous recurring nightmares that she was brutally murdering her father.

Her father was the closest person to her. He is the one in whom she would confide if she were ever upset. She was under serious stress at school. The dreams were freaking her out all the more. They were so horrible that her roommates had to barge in and wake her up because she would scream in her sleep.

The therapist surmised that what was happening in her dreams was that she was “unleashing her stress on her father.” He is the one she always turns to when she is feeling troubled. So her sleepytime brain was essentially directing her stress towards him – Under stress? Go to Dad. Unfortuantely, her brain put it together as the messy equation:
stress=“violence,” dad=“stress relief,” …so to get “stress relief” one must have “violence” + “dad.”

She had to find a way to relieve stress during her waking hours and it helped to curb the nightmares.

It sure is weird the way the brain can put two ideas together in such an unlikely combination.

I dream I can fly quite frequently. Sometimes the dreams are so real, I can swear I feel like I’m flying. I can go real high, real fast, swoop down and buzz people and hover, too.

I dig it! :smiley:

I know what you mean, gatopescado. I dream about flying quite often. I was watching “Crouching Tiger…” when I realised that the way they fly is exactly the way I fly in my dreams :smiley:

Of course, I also dreamt that the Government was trying to kill me by sending venomous armadillos out to get me…

That was one weird dream.

In my flying dreams I always have the problem that people are chasing me and I’m barely hovering over their heads so that they can almost catch me. It’s a combination flying dream / chasing dream. Why can’t I have one of those straightforward flying dreams where I’m zipping around like the Silver Surfer or the Human Torch or something! :mad:

I rarely have flying dreams, but when I do they’re sexual. I mean, there’s no sex in them, but…well, you get the picture.

The dreams I really hate are the pursuit dreams–I’m trying to get away from someone, but somehow I can’t get running, it’s impossible to push myself forward, so in my dream I have to bend down and also use my arms to help propel me along the ground, very slowly and awkwardly.

Obsidian Flutterby, I wouldn’t worry that your dream means you’re starved for sex, or want this person. I’ve had those sorts of dreams, too, about people I would never in a million years be interested in, and they’re embarassing for a few days, especially if you see the person a lot, but eventually it fades. It’s just one of those odd things your mind does when it’s asleep, like other posters have said, it just smashes together whatever it can find with no real order.

This might be kind of a hijack, but has anyone else ever had the Virgin Mary dream? IME, it only happens if you’re actually female and still a virgin, but it’s the one where you’re pregnant, but really didn’t do anything to get that way. Everyone is mad at you for getting pregnant, and of course no one believes that you didn’t do anything.

I used to have it every so often, and a lot of my friends did too. Anyone else?

I dreamt that i morphed into a steam roller, and rolled over all the people i dislike. It was great fun. A little messy though…

Umm I once dreamt that I was in a Broadway show and it was freakin’ awesome! :slight_smile: