Have you ever ditched or been ditched on a date?

So I’m reading “My Very Worst Date” and a number of the stories involve the teller “ditching” their “worst date” - i.e. going to the washroom and sneaking out or otherwise disappearing on the person without an explanation.

I can see if the other person is being abusive (some of those stories are scary!) getting out and away for your own safety, but if the date is just a jackass isn’t it super-douchy to just leave them hanging?

Have you ever ditched, or been ditched, while on a date?

No to both, though I’ve never called the person again.

Dinner at a resort. Guy 1 goes to the bathroom. His date turns to another woman at the table and says “this stinks - want to go?” She agrees (in FRONT of her date, Guy 2). They leave.

With the car.

Halfway through a 3 day weekend at the resort.

When Guy 1 returns from the bathroom, Guy 2 explains that they are both now dateless AND need to find a ride home the next day.

I was a direct observer of the entire event.

No, but I almost ditched. I had answered a personal ad in the back of the Village Voice which led to a phone call, and arrangements for a date. I arrived at the location, Washington Square Park, and looked around for someone matching the description I had been provided. I saw someone that had to be the person, but as is common, she took liberties with the description. For about 1.5 seconds I considered turning and blending into the general public, but figured it was a shitty thing to do. We met, went somewhere for a drink, chatted politely, and parted ways. I’m pretty sure she shared my feeling from the get-go.

No. Do unto others is a very big thing with me. I’ve only ever been on one date where ditching would probably have been the wiser course, but it didn’t cross my mind to do it.

Afterwards, as I told the story to my coworkers there were several interjections of “why didn’t you just leave?” and “I can’t believe you didn’t leave then!”

It’s not in my nature.

Not entirely certain you would count it …

Back in the day I ended up in hospital with my kidneys trying to decide to shut down or not. My boyfriend of the time decided to dear john me over the phone, but he ‘wanted to stay friends’ so we agreed to go out for a couple drinks when I was able to. So my friend Ed and I, and dipwad went for a couple drinks her, and there, and ultimately at the Liberty Pole [back then a reasonably notorious gay bar with a good dance floor.] Since he was more than 3 sheets to the wind, and a well built 20 year old with beautiful longish blond well groomed hair [quite handsome actually] I got him up on the dance floor which was nicely crowded and Ed and I abandoned him there. Oddly enough, I never heard from him again <where is that devil smiley when you need it>

I tried to a few weeks back, but couldn’t find a ride. I had agreed to let him drive and was thinking of making a beeline out the back kitchen door. Stupid mistake.

I usually just bring a book on a first date. If I don’t like the guy, I start reading it.

About 25 years ago a young woman I barely knew and had only spoken to once called me and said she wanted to meet up with me. The first part of the conversation was “just who are you again?” and it took a bit of convincing me because I had no idea why this particular woman would be interested in me out of the blue. It didn’t pass the smell test. Hell, I had no fucking clue how she even got my number, and she wasn’t saying.

We agreed to meet at a particular place and time.

I arrive, and stand there waiting for her. About an hour after the designated time, she comes walking by with a friend. Just smiles and keeps walking right on by.

I kinda sped home after that, wondering if it wasn’t some kind of trick to get me out of my apartment and rob it. Nope. Just her being a jerk. I never saw her again anywhere.

I abandoned a first date once, but I let her know I was leaving.

We had exchanged a couple of messages on a dating site and agreed to meet for a bite to eat.

She spent an hour getting drunk and talking about her ass of an ex.

While she was in the lady’s room, I paid the bill.

When she returned to the table, I got up shook her hand, let her know she had some demons she needed to get rid of, wished her luck and walked out all in one swift motion.

I don’t regret my decision.

Gotta admit I would have left too.

Really? What do the guys do?


I take it you pick up the whole tab and tip the wait staff well too before you leave.

I honestly hope I am being whoosed.

I’m just amazed she’s single.

Hopefully at least one of them “went to the bathroom” only to slip out the back and drove home after drinks were consumed and the meals came out :slight_smile:

Say how much you appreciate the whole getting to know you phase, but you really just wanted to get laid tonight.

Of course sometimes she says “Okay”, and then duty dictates you have to have sex with her or turn in your man card.

Too bad, your cut of that winning bet might have been substantial.

Met a woman on-line. She described herself as blonde, tall, late 30’s and fit. The plan was to meet at the beach and take a walk. I pull up and see a tall blonde woman who was flabby and looked to be in her early 50’s. I was annoyed and considered leaving but got out of the car to go through with it. Right behind the woman that I saw was my real date who fit her own description perfectly.

Met a different woman on-line. She had recently moved here from Argentina and her English wasn’t fluent. We met at Starbuck’s. I was not attracted to her in the least in person and it was mutual. After five minutes she stood up and said, “That’s enough. I go now” and she left. I was awesome.

My cousin and his GF , having heard me complain about my miserable social life, set me up with a date. all four of us went to a party. At the party, my date went home with someone else.
They apologized profusely to me all the way home.
I wasn’t rude, inattentive, or abusive on the date, I assure you. To this day I don’t know why she went off with someone else.

Sounds like passive aggressive attention seeking to me. It seems like you would be better off thanking them and ending the night early. What do I know though? I have never walked in your single mother, abortion needing shoes. Stay classy, lady!

Oops. That last sentence should have read, “It was awesome.” :cool: