Have you ever eaten something made by someone while you were on bad terms with them?

Does the question make sense? Someone prepares something to eat, and you end up eating it even though your relationship with them is sour.

I remember once I was visiting a guy who had just broken up with his girlfriend. He was eating spaghetti sauce she had prepared before the breakup. For some reason I found that really interesting.

If you’re suggesting that the cook poisoned or otherwise sabotaged the food, why don’t you just say so? Why are you dancing around it?

And if you’re not suggesting that, then this topic is a complete non-sequitur.

In that specific situation, I don’t really find it to be out of the ordinary. I mean, I still wear my ex-boyfriend’s shirts to sleep and whatnot. Did so even right after we broke up. Yeah, I was pissed off, but it’s a perfectly good comfy shirt.

But when I started dating him a couple years earlier I used his ex-girlfriend’s shampoo and hairdryer (among other things) that were left at his house. I still have her straightening iron.
Maybe I’m just skilled at detaching from my emotions. Not quite sure if that’s a good thing or not.

**So, you’re asking, ‘are you married’?

Excellent reply! :smiley:

I bought chocolate for my girlfriend. Now we’ve split up and it’s still in the cupboard daring me to eat it. Seems weird somehow.

I dont understand why the guy kept the spaghetti around since before the breakup …:confused: Was he just trying to keep her memory alive?? Makes no sense, but imho food carries the vibes of the person who made it, so I would avoid eating something made by someone I was not on good terms with. Which explains why I never ate at home when I was a teenager… bad vibes all around there!

If it was a bad break up, I don’t think I would want to have anything that reminded me of the departing partner, including food.

If the break up was not so bad, it would be a shame for good food to go to waste.

Reminds me of a weird childhood experience … I was at a friend’s house for dinner and the mother angrily slams the food & plates down on the dinner table while the father, children and me eat in dead awkward silence. All over some stupid family drama from earlier in the day. Another time, those parents argued in their car while their kid and me were buckled in the back seat.

It is weird feeling, yes. I’ve done it, mostly in passive aggressive “friends” relationships, where the person and I get along very politely and superficially because we have so many friends in common, but we really don’t like each other. The food is never as good as it should objectively be. Tainted with bitterness, I suppose.

Sure. I was a teenage girl a long time ago, and my altercations with my mother, of which there were many, never stopped me from eating her cooking.
Well, I sure wasn’t going to cook. Perhaps her accusations of laziness had a tinge of truth.

I think this would be a good diet aid for me, only eat around people I don’t particularly like! Food has powerful emotions attached to it and is something I don’t want to eat if I don’t like the person I’m with (or who may have made it).

Yeah, I ate food lots of times that my mother-in-law cooked, when I couldn’t avoid it. But then I not only disliked her, I didn’t like her cooking either.

If the food is free, then I would eat it. WTH not? Food is food, and free is FREE!

Once, I was at my gf’s house, and eating some applesauce. She was PO’d at me, and slapped my face. I kept eating. I wasn’t trying to spite her, I wanted the applesauce!

This is an odd thing to think about…So, would you eat food in a restaurant, if you didn’t know the mental state of the person who prepared it? What about food that was prepared in a factory and shipped to the store? What do you know about those factory workers?

I could never eat fast food again, knowing that the teenagers back in the kitchen have all kinds of drama going on in their lives…not to mention their questionable hygiene practices.