Have you ever....? (game)

Here’s the deal IF you have done what the previous person has asked answer the question…include particulars and ask the next question. For example:

Have you ever broken the law?

and the next person would explain what they did and then ask another have you ever question… you get the idea.

So here we go…
Have you ever peed in a sink???

Never peed in a sink. Oddest place I peed though was in an arcade. I REAALLY had to go but was REAALLLY far in this game I had been working at for a while. So I let loose some, ran off back to the cottage we were renting (this was at the jersey shore) and finished the job, came back with the game still running and went to the clerk and said “hey some sicko peed here”

Have you ever got your butt kicked in a physical confrontation?

Who hasn’t? :slight_smile:

Have you ever accidently “messed” your underwear in public and dumped them in the nearest available trashcan, going without until you got home?

Not this year

Have you ever talked about someone behind their back to find out they were quite literally behind yours?

Wish I had a nickel for every time that happened. Once I was totally talking trash about the boss at work. I turned around and he was standing right there. He said, “BUSTED!”.

Have you ever shoplifted?

Nothing significant - just sweets and stuff as a kid…

Have you ever turned your back on a sweet money-making idea beacuse you thought it would never get off the ground?

Yup, I decided that becoming a Gigalo was not for me.

Have you ever told any one that you HATE them?

Yep, I once told my mother that I hated her [and I seriously meant it - not in just some teenage angst kinda way either]. I love her utterly and completely now though.

Have you ever been in LOVE with one of your same-sex friends?

Yes, I have. And it actually ended well. Who would have thought, eh? :slight_smile:

Have you ever slept with a close friends ex?

Yup. But only after they had been apart for a couple of years, and I was in a huge fight with her at the time. Needless to say, she did not take it well.

Have you ever done something you thought would make you famous, like something that would end up in your “VH-1 Behind the Music” special, right before your terrible spiral into the world of drugs and alcohol? :smiley:

PEOPLE! You’re only supposed to answer if you’ve DONE the thing in question. You don’t get to play until you’ve done it!

And yes, I was invited to skinny-dip with the Talking Heads at their hotel. We took a pass, because we thought we might end up on the morning news.

Oops! Forgot to say that we were already partying like rock stars in the hotel. Didn’t need to draw any more attention to our crazy selves!

Yes, I DO have the ability to read minds.

Ever sleep with someone whose name you still don’t know?

Not only do I still not know her name, but I spent four days at her place calling her cutie, baby, and honey.

Ever been caught picking your nose and/or consuming the result?


I’ll patiently wait to ask a question rather than lie and say yes to that. Uuugh!

I have never eaten a booger, but yes. I get a secret guilty satisfaction out of picking my nose. And yes, I’ve been caught. But only by my mother. Does that count?

Have you ever streaked?

No; the worst I’ve done is to publically moon someone (on a cold December night, too…brrr.)

Have you ever had a supernatural experience? (UFOs, ghosts, bigfoot, Elvis sightings…there’s a lot of leeway here.)

Guilty!(on a number of occasions)
The first time was at the local drive-in. We went from the back row
to the big screen and then one lap around the 7-11 next door. When we got back to where we thought we were parked, our S.O.B. friends had decided to relocate.

Have you ever skydived in the nude?

I have never skydived. Why jump out of a perfectly good airplane.

Have you ever done something for which someone else took the blame and received the punishment?

Of course. As the youngest kid in our family, I constantly let my siblings take blame for something I had done. And I felt good about it.

Have you ever hated your SO’s pet [cat, dog, fish, whatever] so much that you schemed to get it removed/killed/put down/etc?