Have you ever....? (game)

I twisted her cat’s neck into some cords that hung from the bannister. That didn’t go over too well.

Have you ever gotten thrown out of a bar/nightclub?

Yup… I was underaged though. Oops. Got caught.

Ever had a threesome or moresome?

Foursome once; any crap was I tired.

Ever kissed a member of the SAME sex…and liked it?

Why do I keep ending up with the same sex ones? Ugh. :stuck_out_tongue: But yes… and more than once.

Have you ever committed a crime and later framed a friend for it?

OK-clearly this thread is stymied, so I’m going to take some poetic license here, and say that I’ve floated an SBD, and blamed it on the dog (who is my furry friend.)
Does that work?

OK-Have you ever avoided a one-night stand?

Hang on…
to clarify;
of course you have avoided someone with whom you had a one-night stand. Otherwise they wouldn’t be a ONS!
What I meant is have you ever claimed to have no recollection whatsoever of hooking up with someone?