Go Fish, a game for Dopers

I used to play this at another message board, and thought you all might like it.

Answer the last question, and if it’s a no, then say GO FISH. Either way you respond with a yes or no question of your own for the next poster to answer. The questions can be racy, flirtatious or mundane.

In case it’s not clear, here’s an example:

*Question: Have you ever been freaked out at night after a scary movie?

Reply: Nope, I’m not real big on scary movies. Go Fish!

Then, your own question.*

So, my question to the next poster is:

Have you ever vacationed in another country?

Unless you count Canada as another country…GO FISH!

Q: Have you ever witnessed a “successful” seance?

Q: Have you ever witnessed a “successful” seance?

Never. Actually, I’ve never witnessed a seance at all, but if I did, I doubt it would have been successful. Go fish.

Along a similar line, have you ever used a ouija board?

No, not a successful one. Go Fish!

Q. Have you ever been bitten by a dog?

No, I have never been bitten by a dog. A dog almost caused me to drown though. Go Fish!

Have you ever been fired from a job?

Yep. 10 years ago. But I’m back.

Q. Have you ever slept with someone who’s name you didn’t know?

Yes, Yikes

Ever been thrown out of a bar?

No, unless you count a plane full of people. Go Fish!

Have you ever bungee jumped?

Heavens no, unless you count the time I got stuck on the cord attached to my bike. Go Fish!

Have you ever had cybersex with anyone?


I’ll answer drewboy’s. (By the way, welcome to the SDMB)

No, I have never been thrown out of a bar. I was asked to leave. Go Fish!

Same question.

Dang I simulposted again.


I was thrown out once in college. Not my fault though

Nope, I’ve never had cybersex with anyone. I prefer to do it the old fashioned way. Go fish.

Have you ever been warned by a moderator?

Nope, never been warned by a Moderator. Go fish.

My question - who agrees with Idiotboy that Canada isn’t another country?

If I have to go through customs, then Canada is another country. Go fish.

Q: Have you ever been in a situation where you seriously thought you were going to die?

Yes, right before my car hit the freeway divider at 50MPH+.

Q: Have you ever participated in a public protest?

No. (go fish) I prefer to bitch in private.

Have you ever gone on a blind date?

No, but sometimes I wished I were blind. Go fish.

Have you ever had sex with two different people on the same day?

Day…no. 24 hour period yes. Man, that was a great weekend!

Ever dent somebody’s car and drive away?

Couldn’t, since he was standing right there and saw the whole thing. Go fish.

Have you ever debated with an idiot before?