Have you ever gotten a nose job?

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How did you choose your surgeon?
What was the consultation like?
Did you bring pictures of the “nose” you wanted or did the surgeon sculpt one for you?
Was it painful?
How long was your recovery period?
Did you like the results :slight_smile:

Thanks to all who respond

I’ve had 3 - but not for the reasons you might think. I’m one of the few who have had a nose job to make my nose larger (side effect of having the thing rebuilt).

Because mine was a case of function over form, I’ll skip ahead to revocery times.

The last one I had was an open surgery meaning they cut the bit of skin between the nostrils and pealed my nose back. They were rebuilding parts of the septum, which involved hacking away at parts that were there (much like someone who has a reduction) as well as rebuilding the sides of my nose and nostrils with bits from my ear. This recovery took longer than the others and I got to enjoy the puffy black eyes a few days after surgery. The first two they just went in through the nostrils.

Each time I ended up with crap packed in my nose when I left. Twice I had a protective “beak”,. a sort of nose cast made of hard plastic. In both cases these were removed about 5 days later.

Yes, it hurts. Expect to spend at least a week with frozen peas on your face and being woggy on pain killers.

On average, recovery took 2 weeks before I wasn’t guarding my face all the time. It still hurt, but not as bad. The first two nights are always the worst of it. I’d say it took about 6 months for everything to feel about the same as before.

At the end of the day I ended up with a nose that looks something like Hugh Beaumont’s (the dad from Leave it to Beaver),… except mine has a bit more of a bump on the arch. It used to have more of a bump and was more pointy - but after moving everything around, taking away parts and adding new parts, it more rounded on the tip.

Years later, I’m still not used to it. I like that it works but it isn’t MY nose.

Somewhere around here are several threads I started during the process.

No, but my daughter’s favourite teddy bear, Freddy, has.

Have you any idea how hard it is to get a referral for a rhinoplasty for a bear? He has never looked quite right again.

The cause was dogstrike. (Hint: It is a bad, bad idea to give dogs soft fluffy toys as chew toys. )

Good luck - I am sure yours will be much more effective.

I had one, but it was more functional than cosmetic. I broke my nose as a kid and was literally a mouthbreather until I had it straightened out as an adult. My ENT recommended a surgeon who was the head of Otolaryngology at one of the local med schools.

I think it was about a week before I went back to work, but even then I had to tape my glasses to my forehead for another week or so because it hurt to have the weight of them on my nose.

Then about seven years later I broke it again in a motorcycle accident. This time another guy straightened it out in an out-patient procedure. The only thing I remember about that is that I was this far from fainting dead away from the pain from the xylocaine injections. Son of a bitch, that hurt.

Deviated septum corrected 1987. Doc tossed in some discreet bobbing of the shnoz tip, which was likely to get droopy with age, and also TMI TMI TMI filed down the bridge a little while he was in there.

Recovery was slowish - 10 days or so taped up with collar stays and shit all in there. Itchy drippy nose plus codeine-based painkillers drove me wacky ding hoy at one point, actually shrieking and throwing objects.

Yes and no – I have had work done on my nose, but it was not a rhinoplasty. I had (and still have) a severely deviated septum which caused a metric assload of problems. My surgeon refused to do any cosmetic work, though, as he considered my nose “perfect” for my face. Meh.

It was my ENT – he came highly recommended as both and ENT and as a surgeon.

Different than it would be with a plastic surgeon, obviously. Since you are looking for cosmetic surgery, I will tell you what my consultation for my plastic surgery (had a tummy tuck, wanted/still want a breast reconstruction/lift/reduction) was like.

I went in, the doctor came in and talked to me. We discussed what areas of my body I wanted fixed and I undressed to show him where and why I want things fixed. (Obviously, you won’t need to get nekkid for a nose job. If you do, you might want to reconsider that surgeon. I’m just sayin’.) We discussed the different options to fix what was wrong with me, the benefits and shortfalls and whether or not insurance would cover it. He took pictures to send in with the request for insurance approval (again, this probably won’t apply to you – my tummy tuck and boob issue was due to having lost 200+lbs, insurance covered the tummy tuck and might cover the boobs eventually.) Then he gave me some pamphlets about the different procedures and that was it.

Not applicable, since the surgeon shot down the possibility of (even self-paying for) a rhinoplasty with my surgery.

No more so than the constant sinus problems that led up to me needing it done. They give you good drugs for most surgeries now, and especially so for plastic surgery. When I got my tummy tuck, I shit you not, I was given hydrocodone (“for if the pain is mild”), percocet (“if the pain is moderate”) AND mepergan (“if the pain gets bad”). Considering I had the little pain pump thingy that keeps the incisions numb for 3-5 days post-op, I did not need any painkillers. Seriously, I saved my painkillers and took them recreationally later.

For my nose work, I went out that night (it was Friday the 13th, coincidentally) and played midnight bingo (first time ever and won $500 how’s that for funny?). I was able to do normal stuff right away, it’s outpatient.

Since mine was functional, not cosmetic, yes. I went from having massive sinus infections through the year with perhaps a 1 month break the whole year to now only getting the occasional (like maybe twice a year) sinus infection. Again, not plastic surgery, but FWIW, my tummy tuck is THE BOMB!

I’ve had several very attractive ladies suck on my nose. :smiley: So…yes?

*How did you choose your surgeon? *

As I said in your other thread, I saw someone with a nose I liked and blurted out, “I want your nose!”, and she told me where I could get it. :slight_smile: I did do some investigating about the doctor before deciding to see him, though, and found out that 2 other people, including my own step-mother had used him for work and were extremely happy with him.

What was the consultation like?

Pretty much like any other doctor visit, although he did stand me up against a wall and took a “before” picture for my file, and I can’t say as I’ve ever had any other doctor snap my photo before.

Did you bring pictures of the “nose” you wanted or did the surgeon sculpt one for you?

No pictures, but I did point out the things about my nose that I didn’t like, which were obvious to him as a doctor, because what I didn’t like was directly related to the deviated septum issues I was primarily there to address (and why not have some cosmetic work done in the process, right?). Fixing the problems went a long way towards fixing the appearance, and then he just took a small amount off the tip.

Was it painful?

Actually, they managed to get soap in my eye after they had me out and were prep’ing me for surgery, and it irritated my cornea. So when I woke up, and for the next 2 days, my eye hurt worse than my nose – especially since I was supposed to keep ice on the bridge of my nose as much as possible, which necessitated closing my eyes, which, of course, made it hurt worse!

*How long was your recovery period? *

I was up and about in only a couple of days. The packing was out within a week, as I recall. Now that was really weird! He stuck a tweezer in there, grabbed onto the end of what they had stuffed in there, and whoosh!, flung it out of there really, really fast. And let me tell you, that thing was about 6 miles long. I could not believe all that material had really been inside my nose. The hardest part was trying not to sneeze for a month, which I was told to be really careful to try not to do. Oh, and in the 32 years prior, and the 14 years since, I don’t recall anyone ever accidentally smacking or bumping me in the nose, ever, except for the 6 month period immediately following my surgery!

Did you like the results :slight_smile:

Cosmetically, very much! I don’t have the official “before” picture anymore, but I did find one old photo that shows my old nose. You can see a before and after comparison here. One thing I like about it a lot, is that there’s a bump on the bridge that wasn’t actually there before. My surgeon wanted to remove it, because of course it wasn’t “perfect.” I smacked his hand away and said if he touched my bump he’d lose that hand, because it was the one thing that kept my nose from looking like an obvious “nose job” nose and gives it a little character. You might be able to make it out in this picture or this one.

Thanks to all who respond

You’re welcome, and good luck!

Sort of ,for many years I had a slightly twisted nose as a result of a fight when I was a nipper,many years later as a result of another punchup I received a smack on the nose and an off duty medic mate in the vicinity offered to sort it out for me.

As I lay on the op.table he wrenched my nose around and back and forth without any hesitation ,it hurt like hell(no anasthetic obviously) but I thought hes a highly trained medic so he knows what hes doing ,as a result I was completely unworried .

The next morning he saw me and said “Didnt I stitch you up or something last night?”
Hed been blind drunk and could barely remember anything at all which sent a cold chill down my spine but hed done a bloody good job of it ,if Id had private medical treatment it would have cost me a mint.

QUOTE=ArchiveGuy]I’ve had several very attractive ladies suck on my nose. :smiley: So…yes?[/QUOTE

ewww, I mean ewwww :eek:

Despite its somewhat impressive proportions, I didn’t really mind my nose until when I was 18 or so, I saw a pic of me in profile. GAAHHHGHGH!!! It went beyond average human variation into downright ugly. Oh my.

When finances permitted, I found a plastic surgeon by asking for a recommendation from my IM doctor, the one who gave me regular check-ups.

Since I think cosmetic surgery for vanity is dumb (but sometimes I do dumb things), I wanted a surgeon that used his skills for something a little more important than inessential nosejobs. So when I went for a consult, I asked the surgeon if his whole practice involved cosmetic stuff or if he did anything that was actually important, like correcting cleft palates. Turned out that about half his practice was at a children’s hospital working on congenital defects, and the other half of the time he raked in cash by humoring people like me. Bingo! I had found the doctor I wanted. We talked about attitude (no, I didn’t expect the nose job to change my life, just make me a little less self-conscious) and aesthetics – all I wanted was for my nose not to be so LARGE.

That was when I was 26, and I am now 48. The surgery was great and I have never regretted for a moment what I did – since I hate to bother with make-up and hair styling, it is so wonderful to be happy with the basic shape of my face w/o any extra bother. No, the work didn’t particularly hurt (though it was interesting to be “awake” yet uncaring while my nose was broken twice). Recovery was quick, if you mean how long it took me to be up and around. However, it was probably a full year until my nose “settled” into its final shape.

At the same time?

I was going no say, No, but I’ve gotten a hand job.