Have you ever had a common experience with people of a certain star sign?

My mother (who is very into astrology) always warned me about Geminis and I’ve just come out of a relationship with my second. It’s quite weird, the relationship was so similar to the other. Now I know I’m the common factor here and my sample size is two but I was wondering if anyone else has had any experiences like this? I’m a Cancer if it helps and I have noticed that almost all my best friends since preschool to now have been Virgos. I don’t believe in star signs but I’m wondering if the time of year you are born could influence your character? Major events like Christmas happening earlier or later? Or just humour me with your own star sign stories.

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Me neither (and it’s one of those things that completely baffles me that anyone does).

However I wouldn’t be surprised if there were at least some small element of ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’ among those who actually do believe in it. If you grow up believing that <your star sign> has <trait x>, then it’s not a stretch that you might be a lot more inclined to see yourself as someone with <trait x> and act accordingly, expressing that trait a lot more. But I’d guess that even the extent to which that might be true would be way overstated and subject to a huge amount of confirmation bias.

I’m sure I have. But I don’t go around checking all my friends starsigns against our encounters. Nor do I ascribe any more power to it than I would to their favorite color or the brand of shampoo they used that morning. I don’t even know anything about astrology past the fact that I’m a virgo which means I’m something and I can’t stand people who are one sign and I should marry another sign and frankly it seems like altogether far too much work for woo-woo.
(Prell users are bitches. You heard it here first.)

Astrology, as a science, is pretty much B.S., but I think it’s an interesting paradigm through which to view one’s self or others. When I was teen my friends and I played around a lot with this particular paradigm, and I still have a weekly horoscope sent to my inbox (mostly because I’m fascinated by the unique writing style of the forecaster.) It’s kind of a fun game to play, but that’s what it is – a game.

For whatever reason, the people I have known tend to really be stereotypical examples of their star signs. This includes me–I’m a Pisces, and couldn’t be more of a Pisces if I tried–emotional, creative, introspective and highly empathic. Interestingly my moon is in Scorpio (which totally nails the introverted, guarded part of my personality) and my Venus is in Aries, which means I am very aggressive in romantic relationships. The reason I find that striking is because I am not aggressive or dominant in any other way–I come off as rather passive to most people who know me. Yet ever since I can remember I have been different with romance-- still remember grabbing my first ‘‘boyfriend’’ by the collar when I was seven, jerking him behind the bleachers and laying one on him. I just never felt I had time to waste when it came to love.

My friends and family fit their star signs just as well. In particular I have found that Capricorns I know really do tend to be Capricorns. My grandfather, father and husband are all Capricorns, two were born on the same day of the month and the other was born four days prior. I also have a Capricorn friend. They are all extremely stubborn, hard-working, frugal people with methodical, meticulous habits.

My Aunt is a stereotypical Gemini – incredibly social, stylish and personable. Even though I’m an introvert, I tend to get on well with the Gemini, and have had many Gemini friends I adored, all of which are good-natured, outgoing people.

Aquarius, I have found, relates through intellect, not emotion. The most fascinating people to talk to are Aquarii, but I’ve never been able to maintain a close relationship with an Aquarius because of my need to relate emotionally. My least compatible sign appears to be Libra. Libras I know possess great intellect but enormous self-absorption and as fun as they are, I can’t get past the shallow. I enjoy hanging out with them but wouldn’t trust 'em further than I could throw 'em. And while the Leos I have known are generous and charming, they were enormous liars – another dealbreaker.

There are points at which it all falls apart. Both my mother and my best friend are Taurus – while they are both stubborn like bulls, they are wildly different people. Under no circumstances would I snub or judge someone based on their star sign. These are just patterns I can pick out in my current relationships.

Pisces/Capricorn is supposed to be one of the best matches in the Zodiac because of the balance they can provide to one another. It has certainly worked for me and my husband. Even he admits we fit the profile really well.

I’m a Gemini, I don’t fit the description of one. My boyfriend is a Cancer, we’re not supposed to be compatible but we’ve been together a long time. We did break up for a while but got back together. He fits some of the description of Cancers but not all. I’ve never really known anyone that fit all the characteristics of their astrological sign.

To answer the OP; no. All astrology means is it’s a clear night out.

I’m sure I have. I’m 43 years old, the chances of me not having any common experience with 2 people with birthdays within a month of each other are vanishingly small.

OK. I know these two people who are both Aries. They are completely different personalities. I know these two others who are quite similar. Their birthdays are six months apart.

Are these the sort of stories you were looking for or are only stories which happen to co-incide with certain silly pre-conceptions of interest?

I know it’s supposed to be bullshit, but there are 2 particular signs that I never get along with. Sometimes I don’t find out what sign they are until long after I’ve noticed someone rubs me the wrong way.

Coincidence, or just me magnetically attracting jerks? :stuck_out_tongue:

All three of the women that I have had significant relationships (three years or more) with were Geminis, as am I.

Yes. I have had common experiences with people of certain astrological signs. All the time. It would be freaky … if it weren’t for the fact that there are 6 billion people on the planet and only 12 astrological signs.

I have three friends that all share my birthday. None of us have similar personalities. By chance, some people with similar signs will have some things in common, and I suppose it’s possible that people reading their astrology columns might eventually act like they think they’re supposed to.

But, since no two astrology columns agree on the traits of star signs, there’s really no way to test or validate the theory.

Scorpios, amirite? :wink:

If astrology isn’t true, then how do you explain the impossibly unlikely “coincidence” that there are 12 astrological signs, and the 12 constellations in the zodiac match them exactly? HA! Who’s the smart one NOW, Mr. Skeptic?

I love you too, dear.

While I think that astrology is mostly bullshit, I don’t think it’s entirely impossible. I remember hearing about a study (no cite, sorry) that people born in the darker months (Novemer, December, January in the northern hemisphere) tend to have certain personality traits in common. I don’t think it’s anything major, but it’s statistically significant. If that’s true, then it’s not a stretch to imagine that birth at other times of year might have a simliar effect.

I’ve never noticed any connection or problem with people of complimentary or opposing “signs.”

But I’m a Gemini, so I’ve learned to expect the unexpected.

I’m not a Gemini.

Darling, I don’t care what you are. :smiley:

Astrology is complete horseshit… except for those damned Scorpios.

Scorps–the bad boys of the Zodiac since 100 A.D.