Have you ever had a dream like this?

I just read a news story about Ashley Judd. Apparently she was at some wilderness resort and was practicing nude yoga outside of her cabin when she realized she had locked her key inside. So she had to walk to the front office and get a new key.

(sorry got cut off)

Anyway, I was thinking it was weird it happened in real life because I’ve had a dream just like it dozens of times. Even more if you count all the times where it was Jennifer Ansiton instead of Ashley Judd.

Well, once I got locked out of my own dorm room in college wearing nothing but a towel, and I had to go to my neighbor’s room to call campus security and get them to let me in.

Wow! Either girl for me, I’ll tell you whut!

I’d like to rekey her lock, if you know what I mean…

Of course now I’m picturing Ashley Judd’s titties morphing into prehensile, self-guided critters and trying to gain access to her cabin while she remains in the lotus position, getting increasingly tangled as they go from window to window and jiggle both doorknobs, until I’m somehow engulged in mobile mammary, lifting me up to the chimney, where a nipple is tentatively exploring the aperture, and, as I inexplicably try to extricate myself from their warm, undulating embrace, I sllip out and crash into the garden, waking up tangled in the bedsheets.

Geez. And I thought my dream where I heard George Bush complaining about being late for everything so I sold him my watch for $10 and later said it was only worth half that much–I thought that was weird.

I had a dream where I went to school and guess what? Everybody else was naked, teachers too. I was the only one wearing clothes and everybody else was making fun of me because I was to shy to take them off.

Not a dream, but I have done a suimilar thing in real life. I suppose perhaps I was sleepwalking, although I am not aware that I am in the habit of doing that.

Middle of night, in bed with b/f…got up to visit bathroom. So far so good, but then I thought of going to the door to check whether the Sunday newspaperrs had yet been delivered… Obviously I was having a bit of a time warp. :frowning:

Well, oprened the door that led to a small communall hallway, shared with the flat downstairs. Lock myself out of ytht door, and, the doorbell being on the actual door out to the real outside worl,.d, it did rather seem the best way to get back in.

Boyfriend no doubt very surprised to hear loud ringing of doorbell, wonder who the heck it could be, then discover the absence of Celyn. Meanwhile, Celyn of course outdoors entirely naked, and hoping that no late night person, or police would choose that moment to wander by.