Have you ever had a paranormal experience?

Have you ever experienced something that you thought might have been paranormal? Something along the lines of ghosts, aliens, cryptids, etc.
The only time i experienced something that might fall into that realm was;

Back when i was in the video industry, i was driving home from a gig at 3am and had to drive through a state forest.
I was rounding a sharp corner at about 15mph, and this 2ft tall, very human looking creature ran across the road on its two feet.
I only saw it for maybe 5 seconds, i would say most likely it was a raccoon running with something in its hands, however it sure made the rest of the way home creepy.

So SD, have you experienced something?
If you dont believe in the paranormal that’s fine, this thread isn’t for you.

As I’ve said in various threads; yes to ghosts but nada to the rest. Not something I dwell on or give time to as a rule, just part of the house like anything else. In other words I have come to accept it but it just isn’t something I care to investigate.

Paranormal? I am not sure, but it was impossible to explain and I wasn’t the only one who experienced it.

The first Christmas after my husband died, I was sitting with my older son (then 25) near the decorated tree The coffee table in front of us held the usual decorations, including a music box my husband gave me on our first Chrisman together. The music box hadn’t played in 15 years, in fact it was missing the mechanism that had made the music play, but it was pleasing to look at and had tremendous sentimental value, so I always put it out for the holidays. As we sat in the room, the light began to change, becoming mistierr and brighter than it had previously been. Suddenly the broken music box began to play. It continued to play for several minutes and then stopped. It hasn’t played since. During those few minutes, I felt a sense of well-being, as did my son, that left us once the music stopped and the light returned to normal.

Had I been alone, I would have chalked the whole thing up to my imagination, but my son saw and heard exactly what I saw and heard that evening.

I didn’t witness this but my dad did and he doesn’t make up stuff like this. My uncle died after being rushed to the hospital from carbon monoxide poisoning. We didn’t know about it but my parents witnessed our dog suddenly acting very strange. Standing on his back legs like he could see something in the house and wagging his tail. My parents never seen him do this before. About a half hour later we got the call about him passing away at the hospital. My aunt had been too upset to call sooner and his passing was so close to the way the dog behaved that it seems too much of a coincidence.

How do you determine that something is paranormal as compared to “of unknown cause”?

I never have, but I’m of the Fox Mulder school of thought regarding the paranormal. I want to believe.

I want to believe also. After my Daddy died, I was cool and collected. My Sisters were on their way. My Brothers were notified. Plans were being made. The full thing hadn’t hit yet. I handled my kids, pets, husband and house stuff. I was weirdly okay. That night I went outside on my deck and sat. No tears yet. Just sat and looked at the sky. Unbelievably I saw 3 shooting stars in a row. I knew it was my Daddy, my Mother and my deceased Sister, together. I knew it.
I still know it.

Yes angels, helping and guarding me, and demons, what they were up to and why my life at that time sucked. Also the ability to heal people by touch and to know what is ailing them by divine insight. Floating orbs of life (nacent life).

That is a tough one and probably more of a personal answer. To me it has to have a physical aspect that effects more than one sense to rate as paranormal. A trace of a voice or something that could be a voice is just unknown. It could be a loud neighbor or just about anything. But we have a stove buzzer that cannot possibly go off on its own that does and I had some things disappear off the stove only to reappear a couple years later. Its still an unknown cause but more likely to be something beyond (at least my) understanding and therefor paranormal to me.

No, but I have experienced things which I cannot explain with the information available to me.

Relevant poll:

Only two things that even remotely come close, both of which are likely due to psychology rather than the paranormal.

My grandmother died at a time in my life when I was in a bad place. I’d just graduated from college and, with no clear direction in my life, I was just kind of going through the motions. What’s more, I’d just been through a terrible breakup. Anyway, a few weeks after Grandma died, I had a dream that I got a phone call from her. Her voice was thin and wispy, and behind a lot of static, but I could hear her telling me everything was going to be OK.

The other time was when I was at the Winchester House in San Jose. Supposedly it’s one of the most haunted places in the U.S. At one point on the tour I could have sworn I heard the mournful cries of a despondent woman, but it could have just been wishful thinking and wanting to experience something.

I’ve only had one thing that came close. My mom, my sister, and I were at a carnival and waiting in line for the bumper cars and the next person in front of us which was a 9 year old or so girl turned around and really ragged on me claiming she could be beat me etc.

So I didn’t know what to make of it: I thought my sister who was of the same age knew her or something. So we all went on the bumper cars and it was completely normal, not sure if I and the girl in question hit each other more or less than average.

But after the ride, I was wondering why she was so familiar with me, so I was like “hey, remember that girl from before the ride?” and they were like “what girl?” :eek:

No. My life is boring.

Yes. More times than I would like (some were terrifying). Lately, I am experiencing more of the comforting kind - visits from loved ones lost. I like believing in those experiences.

As a child I would often get the strong feeling of a spiritual presence. Sometimes it would be deceased loved ones, other times it would be people I had never known. I no longer have these experiences. I believe children and animals are more sensitive to the paranormal.




Possible explanations:

  1. Light reflecting off one of the unbroken windows from the moon or another source.

  2. There was someone in the hut, and they hid under a table when they saw or heard your dad’s truck. They had been in the hut for a while, and additional snow + snow drifts covered their tracks.

When I was in my 20’s a good friend died from a car accident. I had a normal grieving process then one day I was driving home from work and she appeared to me. Slightly above me and to my left. She laughed and said, “I’m OK” and I instantly felt relief. Paranormal? Probably not but it sure made me feel better