Have You Ever Had Murderous Thoughts

Read the poll options CAREFULLY.

I am finding it hard to differentiate between your ‘Yes’ options. How far do you have to go before it counts as elaborately planned? Does thinking through a realistic scenario count or do you have to come up with a date and time + start buying supplies?

My father was very abusive. One time my brother and I watched a tv movie based on a true story about a teenage son who shot and killed his father to stop the abuse of him and his younger sister.

There was a loaded gun in the house and we decided that my brother would hide in the bushes when my dad came home and shoot him. The boy in the movie was sentenced to one year and we decided that it would be worth going to jail for a year to be rid of our dad.

We weren’t little kids either, he was 17 and I was 15. We decided that we would go ahead with the plan. While we were talking about it one evening, we got to talking about how it would be hard on our mom. We eventually decided not to kill him because it would be too hard on our mom.

He has no idea how close he came to dieing.

I have a stalker. I want him to die painfully. I want to make him suffer and die.

I have murderous thoughts all the time, and always with the ‘Psycho’ shower scene soundtrack.

I had never considered until now that they are elaborately planned because I would need a violinist.

I put “Yes, but only as a possibility” but on second thought I often find myself thinking about how hard it would be to get away with a murder and exactly how I’d dispose of the body and such. I have no desire to do it, just curious about how I’d react if I had to try to cover a murder up. Does that count as elaborate planning? I don’t really plan out the murder itself, just the cover up.

I voted “No, not ever”. I’m weird, ever since I can remember, whenever I am enraged to the point of wanting revenge against someone, I think that dying is too good for them. My revenge fantasies are more along the lines of “how can this person’s life be made SO miserable that it will equal or surpass the wrong they’ve done”?

I’ve only thought about it logistically, like AClockworkMelon said. It is kind of interesting in an idle mind exercise kind of way, but I try to find something else to do if I’ve thought about it too much.

I’ve fantasied about it fairly often, but I wouldn’t say I’d planned it out. My fantasies tend more towards wishing I could summon down a lightning bolt on them or teleport them about a mile away straight up.

IIRC you are female, and I understand that sort of desire isn’t all that rare among women. Even female murderers will often kill not the person they are out to get, but the people close to them to make the target suffer. A well known example, although in her case the motive was ambition-by-proxy rather than personal malice.

Sometimes… The part that always gets me is how do i dispose of them and any evidence that I’m at fault. But I do like what CanvasShoes wants which may very well be more satisfying and fun.

I marked ‘yes elaborately planned’, but don’t worry about it too much I’m plotting mystery novels to write.

Evcery time I read in the news of the general idiocy of my fellow Amurricans.:smack:

The closest is when I read accounts of botched executions, and think of how I’d have done a better job.

Yes, heavily fantisized.

I was working at a horror-house of a factory, doing hard, back-breaking labor. We went seven months with having only 2 weekends off-the holidays that were required to leave us off. I have severe arthritis in my lower back and knees and was in sheer agony with NO chance to recover at all on weekends. The office personnel were a bunch of self-centered condescending pricks who put in zero overtime and always seemed to rub it in on Fridays, coming around to our machines and telling what their weekend plans were.

I used to get thru the worst of the nights by fantisizing about coming into the office with a gun and just going postal.

Of course in reality I never would, and don’t even own a gun, but sometimes the fantasy got me thru.

I’ve had murderous thought, but I usually just fantasize about inventing an empathy machine, that makes the other person feel exactly what I feel. That to me is the ultimate goal. I believe that, if you felt what you did to others, you would no longer be able to do it. And, as long as you don’t do whatever made me mad ever again, I’m fine with you going about your life.

Every weekday morning. I’ve often said that the reason I don’t carry a gun is that I would use it, and I know that eventually I’d be unable to resist the temptation to use it to clear the left lane of the escalator at Malden Station.

Why isn’t “Yes; followed through on it” an option?

Because, 42fish, it would be grammatically incorrect.

Only one person, only occasionally when the memories become too much to bear do I wish I could kill him myself, slowly. I don’t play out fantasies, it’s just a wish that I’d killed him when I had the chance. But then I recognize that his death wouldn’t take away the memories and honestly, I can’t even kill bugs much less my own father.

I hope no one will be so foolish as to admit in the thread that they have planned a murder.

I don’t ever intend to kill anyone unless it is in self-defense or defense of my family. That said, I can think of a couple of people who, if they were to die violently, suddenly, and mysteriously, I would not blame for police for immediately questioning me.