Have you ever killed somone?

So have you ever killed another human being?

Private poll to follow…details if you care to share.

I feel I have some responsibility for the deaths of other specific people even though there’s no rational reason to do so. But I didn’t mean to click on the vote button, so 1 vote for ‘Yes,other’ shouldn’t really count.

Day ain’t over yet.

Voted no. For all I know that girl was just faking.

Not yet.

Why no “I don’t know” response option? (Not that I need it, but there are some situations where it would apply.)

D&D characters probably don’t count, for purposes of this poll. So, “no”.

I have given some vicious paper cuts but not fatally.

I’m assuming Sims don’t count either, so that would be a No.

No. But I’ve had pretty vivid dreams about it happening and I always remember feeling pretty relieved when I wake up.

No. If I kill them they won’t understand.

I need them to understand!

Well, yes, . . . but interns do that from time to time. We have to learn, eh?

The closest I know of is (accidentally) convincing my (now ex-)girlfriend to dump her fiance in another country that she was going to help get a green card because he was afraid he was going to die from the civil unrest. Yeah, I’m pretty sure he was just being manipulative, but I still felt rather bad about that. Especially since it turned out that she liked me much more than I liked her.

No, but I have been in Reno. Does that count?

Oh. Good thing video games don’t count, or my body count would be difficult to ascertain.

Yeah, can any of us say with absolute certitude no? For all we know back when we were small walking talking germ factories we gave some old person the cold that killed them.

I have over 50k honorable kills in World of Warcraft. But they were honorable, so they don’t really count.


Only one qualification for ‘no?’ Not fair!

What kind of person claims to have committed cold-blooded murder?

Isn’t that the kind of thing you keep to yourself?

Never mind that six(!) people have so far selected that option; I have an idea that whoever picked that did it for the hell of it.

Also, I can see why some selected other; how many people have indirectly died because you are alive (e.g. a factory worker in China dies while making something that you buy, although that is a big stretch to say that you were responsible, even in the most indirect way, since the product would still be made if you didn’t exist). Of course, I have intentionally killed countless animals (insects and mice, plus who knows how many more insects just from unintentionally stepping on them), but that isn’t included in the poll.