Have you ever named your car?

My mom names all her cars, usually after animals. (The big van we used to go on all our trips was called The Blue Goose.) She got annoyed when I told her I wasn’t going to name my car, and came up with a name for it herself. I forget what it was.

Every car I’ve had has been given a name, except for my Gremlin, which didn’t need (or deserve) one.

My current ride is Totally Ambiguous Pat, it doesn’t have a gender (a first for my cars), nor does it have a personality, except for being reliable. But Betty, Fred, Baby Blue Bunny, Lance, Miss Hollywood, and Heinz-Harald all had personalities and some were even reliable.

I always name my cars, as does my whole family. My current car is named Gracie . My grandmother once had a dull brown Buick that was named The Turd.

Hang on. I"ve lived in CA my whole life and I can’t remember a green plate. Specialty plate? Algae? Aside from those, I only remember black/ gold, blue/ gold and white/ blue.

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What Jumpbass said.