Have you ever participated in a spontaneous memorial shrine?

I am talking about the placing of flowers, candles and other memorabilia at the site of a tragedy. For the purposes of this poll, this includes things like the Tucson shooter or Columbine, as well as roadside accident shrines, or the death or injury of major celebrities, which sometimes also elicits the placing of memorial tributes at their home or at a hospital.

Poll to follow.

In college, a fellow RA and some students, who were waiting for a bus, got hit by a car. Nobody died but several were hospitalized- one for several months. I did contribute a couple of candles and pennies (dorm related tradition that got co-opted for the memorial) as it was right outside my dorm window. The only time I have participated in a memorial.

I left flowers at the Hard Rock, and sat waiting while the body of John Entwhistle was taken away.

Without telling a very long story, he was nice to me once, a long time before. I was sad and it seemed appropriate.

Yes, once, when my cousin was killed in a roadside accident.

Looking back, I’m not even sure why. It seems a little strange now, to head out to the place where the accident happened, have a look around, and put some flowers there. And it was the day after the funeral. But at the time I guess I was just trying to make sense of everything, especially as it was so unexpected, and I just felt the need to honour him any way I could.


August 9, 1995


I visited Union Square and other places a little over 10 years ago.
Also, the office I used to work housed the offices of GEORGE magazine. There was spontaneous memorial outside and I happened to have some flowers so I placed one there when the publisher died. (JFK Jr.) I gave my other flowers to some little girls and they placed those.

Yes. I visited Columbine a couple of days after and placed flowers and a candle.

I went to the memorial at the hospital where Gabrielle Giffords is currently on Wednesday.

I mostly went to see the president, and when the stadium was full, my boyfriend and I took a wander down to the hospital. The outpouring of feeling by Tucsonians was really heartwarming, and a total change from the colder East Coast attitude I’m used to. I was also struck by the lack of politics involved in the grieving. I did not place anything at the site, but I understand the motivation for those who did.

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