Have you ever puked in bed? (not drunk)

Have you ever puked in you bed or while you were sleep simply from being sick, and not from being drunk or drugged?

Not since I was 8. (My mother had to wash my stuffed animals something like 3 times to get the vomit out.)

When I was little, yes. I got (still do) migraines. They always made me puke. Before I gained the ability to recognize the feeling and make my way to a bathroom, I puked in the bed a number of times. Same for the car. Heat, specifically hot cars, would trigger them. My mom always kept bags in the car for me, knowing that if/when she had to pick me up from school or if I got a migraine while we were out somewhere, there was a good chance I wouldn’t make it home before throwing up.

I’ve puked a couple of times while I was lying in bed, but it was into a bucket that I or my mom had had the foresight to put next to the bed. I’ve never puked into the bed itself, except maybe as a baby (that’s the kind of thing that all babies do).

When I was pregnant the 2nd time. I puked everywhere for 3.5 months. I could not tell when it would happen. It was non-sensical. It got to the point where I carried bags around, I evetually just stayed home. About my 5th month it stopped for the most part. Not completely. I never gained enough weight for the Dr. to stop bitching about it. I couldn’t begin to stop it, I dont know what he expected of me. But, yea I woke up puking several times.

Yep, had the flu and was at a hotel in Minnesota somewhere. Threw up in the bed. It was as horrible as it sounds but the hotel was very nice about helping to get it cleaned up. Luckily it was a 2 Queens room, so I moved to the other bed and happily did not throw up in that one.

Yep. I was in the hospital following kidney surgery. Next day I felt hungry but wasn’t allowed regular food. I got two squares of jello, one yellow, one green. I ate carefully, a bite at a time. Felt fine. A friend arrived, with gifts and a book. I smiled at him and promptly began projectile vomiting.

He dropped the stuff and grabbed a pan for me to upchuck in. That’s true friendship, when someone helps you when you vomit.

I almost did, once. Fortunately, I was able to reach a wastebasket from my bed and threw up into that.

Almost. I woke up with a sudden-onset stomach virus. I just happened to have a plastic tub under my bed, no idea why. I managed to vomit into that, but if it hadn’t been there, I would have thrown up all over the carpet. There was not anywhere near enough time to get to the bathroom. I’ve never had vomiting hit me that fast. Normally I can keep it down for 15 seconds while I make a run for it, but not that time.

The other time I did manage to make it to the toilet, but just barely–I was eating lunch and suddenly had to throw up. There was no warning period of nausea, just a sudden urge to vomit and then it was over. The next day I broke out in hives and it turned out I was allergic to the antibiotic I was taking, so I guess that was the cause.

A couple times I have been sick enough that awake or asleep could be debated but the simple answer is yes. Once from the flu and once from a bout of food poisoning that I probably should have sought professional help with.

I used to wake up and puke acid. I learned quickly to keep some used quart size zip lock bags within my reach.

Did that, off and on several years before I got scoped and put on Omeprazole. It’s been a life saver.

Yeah, you can count me into that had the foresight to have a bucket/trash can handy group. This was fairly recently (<6 months) but I was on chemo so I had my own head’s up on the timing. I’ve never done the full "right into the sheets version, however.

Nope. My dogs do it on the regular tho. Well not TOO regular so as to cause concern but enough times that I got a plastic cover for the mattress.

When I puke it’s violent to say the least. No way I could do it lying down or without warning.

Never puked onto a bed in my life, but when I was a kid I got sick suddenly in the middle of the night and puked several times to the side of the bed, which the cats found interesting! (I didn’t want to wake up my mom to tell her of this.)

As an adult, I have full-on puked (as opposed to spit up) into my mouth exactly once, and it happened while I was asleep I swallowed it before I fully woke up! :eek:

While drunk I’ve puked 3 times, on 2 separate occasions, but those were also to the side of the bed. Interestingly, the only other time I’ve puked in my adult life (in fact, the only other time since I was 12 years old,) also involved alcohol but not as a primary causant: I had a couple drinks so I walked to a Chinese buffet and ate a full (i.e. very hearty cause it’s all you can eat) load, and then just when I thought I was going to go, they put out a fresh serving of Sweet and Sour chicken, and I had two plates of that. Then I paid and left and as I exited the door I felt queasy and there was a convenient outside trash bin so I deposited – exactly one intact chicken-nugget sized piece of chicken. And then my stomach felt fine for the rest of the night!

I have always been fortunate to have a waste basket near me. In the 90’s and 80’s I suffered from severe migraines, in the early 00’s my gall bladder began acting up; so puking was a huge part of my life.

I did once puke in the car while I was driving and no I was not sick or drunk and drugs were also not involved.

Yes, this

When we still had the waterbed, I had been lying there, gritting my teeth and congratulating myself on not throwing up. Then the man I sleep with got up to pee, setting the bed in motion. At this point, what with the wave motion, I knew that a trip to the bathroom was going to be compulsory, but someone was in there. The bathroom was only steps from the bedroom, but the other bathroom was downstairs a long way away. So I waited, and as soon as I heard him come out I jumped up, and I would have made it but my dog also jumped up and tripped me.

So while I did not throw up in bed, I didn’t miss it by much, and I did throw up on my dog. Cleanup was a bitch. I felt better after throwing up but not that much better, and now I had to wash the dog, and she was not happy. And she never slept on my side of the bed again.

20+ years ago I had an arteriogram. This involved cutting into my femoral artery so they could snake a catheter up it to the place where they wanted to release contrast dye to facilitate some diagnostic X-rays. Cutting a catheter-sized opening into an artery is a much different deal from piercing a vein for a blood draw: the hole is bigger, and it’s on the high-pressure side of your circulatory system. So when they were done, I had to lay in the hospital bed for another 8 hours or so, with instructions to not move so that the cut in my artery could safely heal.

I ate lunch lying in bed, and soon after felt sick. Something they had given me during the procedure - the contrast dye, vasodilators, or IV sedatives - was making me sick. But I wasn’t supposed to move! I pressed the call button to summon help, and a few seconds after that I blew chunks all over myself. My hair, my neck, my chest. I overheard a nurse later describing it as the biggest emesis she’d ever seen (which was weird, because IIRC it was just a sandwich and some chips).

Not sure how this meshes with the OP’s criteria. I’m pretty sure the drugs made me throw up, but they weren’t the thing that kept me from getting out of bed. I wasn’t even inebriated; I was fully conscious, and very self-conscious, and felt terrible for the nurses who had to clean me up.

I threw up several more times later that day, but by then I was ambulatory, so no more rainbow showers for me.

Yup, though thanks to Mom’s ‘training’ when I was young [we would be given a large 1 gallon stock pot whenever we were sick in bed to vomit into so we wouldn’t have issues with ninja vomiting and not being able to get to the bathroom when growing up. I just mainly started using the extra 2 gallon stock pot as a trash can in the bedroom to have some place to store it. And I would like to remind people as I have gotten whined at online for mentioning using a stock pot as a vomit bucket IF I HAVE TO USE IT, IT DOES GET WASHED FIRST ]

I did chemo twice, complete with nausea issues, I do get migraines and have vomited because of that, and more recently I had nausea issues triggered by Byetta 6 or 7 years ago, and starting right after the house fire in 2015 August I started having nausea issues again [tracked down to the Victoza I was using] though I seem to now have permanent issues with food. Though the recent [2015 to current] issue has me having problems, instead of the stockpot, I have been using one of the large cat litter containers because it has an attached lid - line it with puppy training pads so you don’t get splash, and it washes out easily.

I have discovered that my EVE corpsmates are squeemish … sometimes I dodn’t manage to get the mic muted when I had to hurl [we chatted using teamspeak while playing] and I sort of grossed them out. Oops.

Same thing! I was in the hospital and was supposed to have an emergency hysterectomy. They wouldn’t let me eat because of the impending surgery, then it was postponed. I hadn’t eaten for 2 days and was soooo hungry. The nurse gave me orange sherbert. Because I was so hungry, it tasted more amazing than anything I had ever eaten. I wolfed it down and it promptly came right back up all over the front of me and the bed. At least I didn’t have to clean it up!