Have you ever pulled a Christmas cracker?

It was only last year, while spending Christmas in the US that I realised that Christmas crackers aren’t all that common over there. My girlfriend was able to pick some up at an import store. No one in her family had ever pulled a cracker before. It surprises me that this isn’t a tradition in the US, as it seems to be common in the rest of the English speaking world.

No. I didn’t know what they were until a couple years ago, when a British Doper mentioned them. We’re not into those Christmas puddings either.

I’ve pulled one every year, except for dinners at my husband’s mother’s house and once at an ex-boyfriend’s house.

I have a lovely box of Christmas crackers–Costco has really good ones, all ready to bring to Christmas dinner this year.

We have Christmas crackers every year. It’s a tradition that Rhiannon8404 and I started when we got married.

Never saw one until I married my British husband. I like them, though, so we have them every year, either bought or homemade.

Yes, many times. And subsequently worn the silly hat.

Looks like a fun tradition. Where can we get those things in the USA?

I was in Gibraltar last Christmas and at the pub where we found Christmas dinner, we got poppers. I think there was a sewing kit in mine. My mom got a compass.

Hallmark. At least that’s where I’ve bought them. (so put me down as a “yes” too). I think I saw them at The Christmas Tree Shop too this year.

I did it for the three years that I lived in England as a child.

Hey, ours from Costco are Tom Smith brand! With the little “by appointment to HM Queen Elizabeth…” thing on it! (A Royal Warrant?) I just got them because I’d gotten them from Costco before and they were good.

And there’s a picture showing the prizes inside, and they’re all actually useful stuff–corkscrew, wine opener, picture frame, mirror, pen, memo holder, photo frame.

I don’t know where you’d get them in the States, though. It’s a British and colonies thing.

I’d read about them all my life, but I’d never actually seen one until last year, when I saw them in World Market and got some for us to pull. Half of them were duds, but it was fun and we wore the paper crowns.

Grandma has bought them a time or two. I see them in stores, but most of the time don’t think of getting them. Hmm maybe I will…

Yep. One of the most useful items I carry around with me came from a Christmas cracker. It’s a neon-green folding brush/comb. Just the thing to keep in the glovebox for when I need to make myself somewhat presentable.

I get mine from Absolutely Crackers. This year I also got some from CostCo. The ones from CostCo look like they have nice prizes in them. I’ve sent some off already, and I’ll take others with me to gatherings.

I remember one year my late-stepfather, a rather taciturn Finn, putting on the paper crown at Christmas brunch at a restaurant. It was totally out of character for him, and I’m glad he was game.

Our Christmas is not complete until we are eating roast beef and Yorkshire puddings with paper hats on our heads.

Most likely it’s because I was born in the UK and lived there until my parents emigrated to the US when I was 11. Some traditions just didn’t go away, now if I could just get my hands on a nice selection box and some Quality Streets, my holidays would be perfect!

I got a little one in my stocking at work. Haven’t opened it yet. I think it might have candy in it or something.

I pulled one on Friday. :slight_smile:

It never occurred to me though that they were endemic to England, I just assumed everyone used them.

Yes, my MIL is English and buys them at an English foodmarket along with sausage rolls and other English goodies.

I’ve heard of them, but never seen or used one.

I haven’t ever pulled one. Am I missing out? 'Cause if I’m missing out, then I’m gonna go get some! :slight_smile: