My Christmas crackers have arrived.

And it’s not even Hallowe’en! :smiley:

Now to convince our English overlords to shell out a few ducats for some crackers for the Christmas party (preferably stuffed with American Express gift certificates instead of the cheap toys)…

good grief, that’s planning ahead.
i usually run around to 3 or 4 stores franticly looking for crackers at the last minute.

it’s tradition, ya know

I didn’t know how long it would take them to come from England, so I ordered early.

I’m hoping to get the shopping done very early this year.

I saw the thread title and thought, “Wow, those Californians really have gone overboard on the low-fat thing, having crackers instead of Christmas cookies!”

So, crackers - are they paper things with stuff inside? Explosives? Did Dickens mention them and should I know about them already?

InternetLegend: Everybody should know about crackers! :wink: But they haven’t caught on in the U.S. I’d never heard about them until about 20 years ago when friends introduced me to the custom. I’m trying to introduce them at work. The department is moderately generous with American Express travellers cheques around the holidays. Usually they have some sort of drawing and people might wind up with $25 or $50 in AmEx form, or a $5 gift certificate to Jamba Juice. I think it would be great to stuff some crackers with cheques and distribute the crackers at the department Christmas party. Hey, we are owned by a British company! :smiley:

I don’t know if Dickens ever mentioned them. I don’t remember seeing them in A Christmas Carol, and I’ve only read part of a Christmas story where he describes everything down to the most minute detail – and that story got a bit dull for me.

Here’s brief history of the Christmas cracker. It mentions that they were invented in 1847 - which IIRC is the same year Dickens’ A Chrismas Carol was published, so Charles missed his big chance to include them in his most relevant book. I don’t know if he snuck a mention in somewhere else, but my guess is that he didn’t.

Ah, what the hell. I mentioned Christmas crackers in another thread and someone commented on them, so I thought I’d bump this one.

I was on holiday last year when the company had its holiday party, so I missed out. I had suggested to the president of the department and to his admin (the admin was born in England) that they should have crackers at the party. And they did! People didn’t know what to do with them, but they were instructed and by all accounts they were a huge hit. I’d passed around some crackers to some co-workers at lunch before I left on my trip, and they saved a cracker from the holiday party for me.

I suggested crackers for the holiday party again this year, but some things happened. The president was put out to pasture and they brought a new guy in. He and the admin didn’t get along, so she quit. And you all know I was made redundant a month ago. I doubt that they will have crackers at the party this year.

But there is still a chance! It’s up to you, Dopers, to help popularize crackers in the U.S.! Rush out and get some for your families! Pop the crackers! Wear the paper hats! Play with the toys! Laugh at the mottos! You can do it! :slight_smile:

I put crackers instead of bows on my christmas presents last year. Of course, not one soul knew what to do with them. <sigh> My family - real sweet, but not that bright. :wink:

This year I’m making bows out of Zotz candy.

I think you should use crackers again. Hey, the family have been exposed to them; why not continue the “tradition”?

I love Christmas crackers. I ordered a box and received it just after Halloween. I’m hoping since you’re so keen on them, Johnny, my hubby won’t think I’m an ernomous geek. Then again, he might tease me mercilessly simply because I had to have officially licensed Harry Potter crackers.

[sub]I really want the enamel Hogwarts badge[/sub]

I was in the local Target (San Diego, CA) last week, Guess what I found!

We always have Christmas Crackers. And they are getting easier to find.

crackers are THE best bit of christmas they explode AND you get gifts from them its like all my christmasses roll… oh wait ignore that