Have you ever sat on Santa's lap?

I was reading the “Kyle’s mom’s a bitch” threat and some people said that you can’t separate Santa from Christianity. I grew up in a fundamental Christian home ( Pentecostal, young-earthers) and Santa was most definitely not part of Christmas or Christianity. In fact we called him “Satan’s Claws”. So because of that I’ve never, in my life, sat on Santa’s lap.

It got me wondering how common it is to have never visited Santa as a kid and to have never sat on his lap.

Perhaps as a child, but my memory of such things has faded.

Nope, never; I’m not Christian. Plus, I was a very highly strung child - one of my most distinct memories is, around 4 or 5, lying on the ground screaming because the Chuck E Cheese giant mouse creature tried to talk to me. (In all fairness, I still think he’s weird as hell).

I was eight months old (family picture).

Interesting that your reason is “I’m not Christian” and my reason is “because I was Christian”.

Jewish kid here.
LOVED sitting on Santa’s lap at my Dad’s office party.
Of course, when I asked for an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle, he said…

I have photographic evidence that I have a few times as a child, although none of the times are in my memory.

“You’ll shoot your ‘Oy’ out, kid?” :wink:

Yes as a child. I’m pretty sure as an adult too although I mostly remember being goaded by someone cute. My assumption is that I caved. :stuck_out_tongue: I come from a Catholic background and the Santa part was generally approached as a secular piece separate from the religious aspects of the holiday.

Yes - as a child. Now, very often, I am Santa. Having done the gig various places including some longs stints in a local mall, I can reveal two things.

  1. FeBreze is Santa’s best friend. Those suits get a little ripe after a week or two.

  2. No matter how well you wash or what soap you use, after 10 hours as a mall santa your knee is going to smell like ass for a day or so.

All right, who’s the pervert who’s sat on Santa’s lap as an adult?

yep. raised Catholic, went to Catholic school, went to see Santa for years. Maybe until 3rd or 4th grade, but I faintly remember the “Santa isn’t real” talk to be not all that contentious.

Once as a little kid. I knew it wasn’t Santa Claus. Some people believe I was dressed in a Santa costume at a party and that they sat on my lap, but I was outside catching a smoke and I have no idea who that guy was.

Sure. Every year until puberty as a kid, and a couple of times as a giddy college student. Alcohol may have been involved in the later years. (Well, alcohol may have been involved in the earlier years, as well…some of those mall Santas are kinda sketchy.)

Not a Christian.

ETA: The poll isn’t multiple choice, so I marked “as a child”, but add another for adult, as well.

Sat on Santa’s lap as a kid, and recently had kids sit on my lap while dressed as Santa.

(apparently my girth, height and deep voice make me particularly realistic as Santa :slight_smile: )

We did Santa at the mall and we did (do) church on Christmas eve. Santa was never a thing in our Lutheran church.

My very Catholic SIL takes the nieces to visit Santa each year. As a data point for you.

I was Santa one year at my company’s Xmas party! Fake beard, bit red suit, pillows to make me plump and chubby, the whole deal.

One of the employee’s kids came up to me and said, “You’re not the real Santa!”

I intoned in a wise, solemn voice, “We all have to do the very best we can.”

The kid wasn’t quite sure what to make of that, but didn’t give me any more trouble!

(And, hoo-ha, it was sure fun when some of the office cuties sat on my lap!)

As a child. If photographic evidence is to be trusted, I apparently found it terrifying.

We had breakfast with Santa at Goldsmith’s department store every year where my mother worked. They had a big set up called The Enchanted Forest with all these Rudolph style animatronics and the sparkling cotton snow everywhere. Magical.

We were United Methodists. I’m atheist now but I took my daughters to see Santa because Santa is all about fun and toys, not grown-up issues. Santa isn’t about religious beliefs to me. I realize the myth is somewhat Christian in origin (mostly it’s not though, it’s commercially driven) but you don’t have to believe any gods exist to enjoy the fun and merriment of a holiday.

Never as a child. My mother was always very firm about the guy in the store and the ones on the corner [del]and the ones in the bar[/del] were NOT Santa, had no affiliation to Santa and were to be avoided at all cost.

At work when I was a very young adult the boss dressed up as Santa and we took turns sitting on his lap and having our picture taken.

He was very old and I gave him a pass when he called me girl.