Have you ever watched a movie and knew just by the way it ended there'd be a sequel?

When I watched “The Bride of Chuckie” the way the movie ended I just knew there would be a sequel and in October “Seed of Chuckie” will be in theatres. I also suspect that Freddy and Jason could have another duel.
Have you ever watched a movie and knew* just* by the way it ended there would be a sequel?

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Well, some movies set themselves up so well for a sequek that you’d be an idiot to NOT think there would be one. Examples include:

The Empire Strikes Back
X-Men 2
Spiderman 2

Alien and Aliens were bloody obvious. Alien 3 was a bit trickier.

Boy oh boy, yes! When I saw Gone With the Wind, I just knew we’d soon be seeing Scarlett.

The first movie I ever saw where I knew durn good and well there would be a sequel was Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan.

I’m sorry, but that death scene… followed by the funeral… followed by the lingering shot of Spock’s coffin on the Genesis planet… I mean, the only thing missing was a hand pushing the coffin lid open right before the credit crawl.

At the end of Kill Bill, Vol. I, I said to myself, “Hmmm… Maybe there’ll be a Volume II.”

Ah, but one must be careful there – remember, there was no sequel made to History of the World, Part One.

And Leonard Part 6 confused me to no end. Not only no Part 7, but no parts one through five, either…

And, man, am I disappointed!

Evil Dead 2

A bit ironic considering Scarlett was esstienally fan-fiction.

The American-made Godzilla movie had an end that certainly looked like it was trying to set itself up for a sequel, but then the budget didn’t come through, thus sparing us from the yet-unnamed atrocity.

Personally, I thought that the title “The First Pokemon Movie” was a dead giveaway.

Obviously Spiderman’s ending, with Peter’s buddy (what was his name? Harry?) swearing revenge on Spidey.

Piranha! If I remember correctly, the original movie ended with…

…the piranha escaping into the ocean…

…so you gotta know them fishes were gon’ be back and itching for human flesh. I haven’t seen the sequel, thankfully.

I think “Silence of the Lambs” was pretty much a given. Now, if they just could have kept the same cast.

The ending of the recent “reimagining” of Planet of the Apes all but screamed, “To be continued…”

Thwey sure set up a sequel possibility for League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. If only it hadn’t been so awful and lost so much money.

Star Wars set itself up (Darth Vader escaped), which was a gamble on Lucas’s part, since movies did not necessarily automatically spawn sequels in that time.

And I’ve never seen the first six films in The Magnificent series.