Have you had any success with online dating sites?

have you gone the route of online dating? Which site? Any success?

I tried Match.com a year ago. No one answered my communication and I had very few people open communication with me. The ones that did were mostly from Russia or some other country. (Who knew I was hot in Russia? :))

I’m a married man, but I do watch television. My brother was divorced two years ago, and I mentioned to him last year to get on e-harmony.com. After spending a copious amount of time filing out the levels or questionaires etc…etc… he was inundated with emails. Completely inundated. He had a lot of fun for several months - ahem…fun :wink: - and then found someone he was amazed matched him to a ‘T’…

Anecdote. Hope it helps.

Myself, I’ve had zip. Plenty of Fish, OKCupid, and… about 4 others I don’t remember.

Actually, in 6 months I had one date. It didn’t work out.

I should say that I get those Russian Yahoos every now and then. The first one, I was really excited. She was a babe. She worked as a model. We IMed. She sent me naked pictures. And she wasn’t from Russia, she was from four miles away. And she fell instantly in love with me. We will be together soon, but she’s stuck in Lagos. But she’ll be in my life just as soon as I

send her $10,000 for a plane ticket.

I’m getting married in October to my first (and only) date from GreatBoyFriends.com
My ex-girlfriend put my profile up.

A few years ago I tried Match.com and met a fellow that I dated for a few months.

More recently I signed up for eHarmony but wasn’t happy with it. Most of my “matches” seemed like they wouldn’t be a good fit, but only 2 or 3 (out of at least 50 they sent me) communicated with me at all. I went out on one date with one guy, and I was happy when that night was over. I felt like there was more pressure to find “The One” rather than just finding a good conversation to start, and you do get a ridiculous amount of email from them.

I recommend checking out okcupid.com. There was a wider variety of people, rather than only seeing folks that some computer program thinks would be right for you. I was only on there for a couple of weeks and found a few new people to talk to, had one disaster of a date, but then also met my current boyfriend. Plus, it’s totally free.

Two close female friends of mine met their husbands on line (and no, they are not Russian, LOL). One used Match.com – I don’t know about the other. Strangely enough, after entering the online dating pool with great misgivings, I think they both dated (and later married) the first person they met through each service.

I’ve met plenty of great (and not-so-great) guys in Yahoo Personals over the past 6 years or so.

Still not hitched but I’d assume it’s not the Web site, it’s me :slight_smile:

I know people who have met there spouses on eharmony, jdate, and yahoo. I met my boyfriend on match.

If I may ask, did you have friends review your profile and your pictures to give honest feedback? Honestly, when I was on match I would reply to any guy who I thought made a reasonable effort to put together a nice descriptive profile that didn’t have inapproriate or bitter comments in it, the only other criteria was that we not be complete opposites, which made me wonder if he even read my profile. But despite this, I still cast out at least half the emails I got – there were so many guys who didn’t put up a picture, put up a mugshot-style webcam picture, or wrote a three sentence profile that said nothing more than they wanted a fun, attractive girl (no shit, all guys want that). To me these things say that they’re just “testing the waters” and aren’t really interested in investing time into the online dating process, whether or not its true that’s how it looks. And if someone’s not sure they want to do internet dating, its probably not going to turn into anything. Not to say that you’re in this category, its just that I really do believe in online dating, but the profile makes all the difference and I’m wondering if there’s a way to give yourself more of a multidimensional presense.

ETA: full disclosure, I’m pretty tradional when it comes to dating, I don’t claim to represent the views of all women.

I tried match but only met one woman. She was nice enough but after three dates or so I could tell that she wasn’t the one.

I met loads of woman on craigslist that resulted in countless first dates and three two-month relationships.

I met the love of my life on myspace in January. She is the first and only woman that I met there.

The two and a half years since I split with my ex-wife have been something else.

I met my fiancee on The Onion. I went out with several guys I met there and they were all pretty cool. Their profiles allow you to show a lot more personality, unlike Match where it seemed as if all the profiles were the same.

I’ve had a few dates through LavaLife, but nothing clicked.

Guess I’m not dating material. Or I’m in the wrong place. Or something.

(Those Russian woman aren’t interested in us, just our money.)

Personally, I had the smartest people in the universe review my profile.

Maybe that’s the problem.


I’ve used match.com with middling success intermittently a few times (along with “traditional” dating). This last time, I put a lot of effort into the profile, creating something that was as fun to read as much as it spoke about who I am and who I’m looking for. That time, I met a girl named Rebecca and it is astonishing how well we’re suited for one another.

If you really want to find someone, I wouldn’t put all my eggs in that one basket, but I wouldn’t ignore that basket either.

I’m too big of a chicken to try it myself (Fear of rejection? Yes, please!), but my brother’s been doing the match thing for a few months. He’s had a number of dates but nothing where both he and the woman wanted to pursue it. He says it’s kind of disheartening, but it’s also kind of good to just get out there and meet people. I think he’s committed to giving it a legitimate try, and I think he’s got a good attitude about it, which is he might not meet his dream girl that way, but he knows he won’t meet her sitting at home alone.

I’ll have you know that this thread inspired me to re-sign up for the $15 deal.

Yes, I had plenty of success on match.com. After using it for about 6 months, I went on maybe 20 dates. I went on several dates with maybe 5 girls, and I met my current girlfriend through the service. She’s hot, smart, and hot. And did I mention hot?

I’m a big supporter of match.com to anyone who asks for a good service to meet people.

I’d be interested to know the gender and orientation of the posters who respond- my perception of online dating sites is that there are far more men than women out there, and so women have better results. I have no actual experience with online dating, however.


I am a straight woman, and I used Yahoo personals. I did this at age 30.

I had dates with 3 different guys and talked on the phone to a 4th. Two of them were guys that contacted me, and two were ones I initiated conversations with.

How did it go? I’ve just celebrated my third anniversary with one of those guys, and he’s lived with me for about a year and a half.

I just thank my lucky stars I didn’t have any crazy insane experiences like you read about every once in a while.

I’m a straight dude in his 20s, and I’ve tried Match.com, eHarmony, and Chemistry.

I’ve spent a few months months between the three of them. I haven’t gotten a single response to any of my 50+ requests for communication in any of the services. I have a hunch that that speaks more about me than the services :smiley:

OTOH, I’ve had a few people from eHarmony and Chemistry initiate conversation with me. We emailed back and forth for a while, but ultimately I wasn’t interested.

In other words, nobody who contacted me was all that interesting, and nobody I was interested in would give me the time of day.

After this past weekend, I can safely say I have still had no success with dating sites. :frowning: Late twenties, female.