Have you had experiences with DRM?

Hi Everyone,

I am currently researching attitudes to DRM technologies and Intellectual Protection Rights. If you have knowledge in this field I would be extremely grateful if you could answer my short Questionnaire linked below, any details you supply as to your position and identity is at your discretion.
Many Thanks,
DRM & IPR Technologies Survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=761162019800

Survey taken, although the very first question, I had trouble knowing exactly what you were asking, and the last one, I did not know what the numbers I was chosing were to indicate.

Tetsuo74 Welcome to the boards. I’m not sure what kind of a survey you’re doing. Using the boards for this kind of thing is subject to prior approval of the Administration/Moderators. You can email me and tell me your affiliation—commercial/educational, etc. and the ultimate disposition of the survey.


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