Have you heard of this book???

A student of mine is looking for a book she read two years ago. The main characters are Bonnie Kiragi and Jonathan Creed. Apparently, in this novel, Jonathan Creed is on a quest to find a “holy grail” that will bring his wife back from the dead, and Bonnie Kiragi is an assassin hired by the Catholic church to stop Jonathan. From what she has told me, it’s also a fairly racy novel, moderate in sexual content.

Does this sound familiar to anyone???

Never heard of it, but while I was searching, I ran across a story with both of those characters:

I didn’t read the story, but I suspect that it is fan-fiction. I will keep searching…

That is exactly it, Cavemike! But that’s just the first chapter, and she swears there’s more. Please do let me know if you find anything else!!

Thank you.

whoops. make that “the first two chapters”