Have you met Magical Trevor?

If not,


I meant HERE

If a mod would fix that for me, I’d be very greatful.

I still like badger better.

wow i just watched that about 10 times before i realized it was a loop and it would never end.


Made me smile for the first time all day. Thanks for that. :slight_smile:

Going off to find out who these people are. I wouldn’t mind owning that song on cd.

Before I read your post, I did the same damn thing. . .

Damned looped *.swf files. . .

‘I’m not a smart man Jenny, but I know what looped animation is. . .’


I’m reasonably certain I don’t want to click on “Aubrey the Arse Hamster” from work.

Trust me. You don’t even want to click on it from home.

I met Magical Trevor a few weeks ago. Aren’t the tricks that he does ever so clever?

At work today I couldn’t get “Yeah, yeah, yeah, the cow is back…” out of my head. Ah!!!

The music reminds me of David Devant and His Spirit Wife. Now THERE’s a CD I wish I hadn’t lent out.

Also, I enjoyed the use of “disappear” as a verb. As in “Look at him now, disappearing a cow”.

I really liked the song! Ross, did you find out who is singing?

PS. I like the angry cows! They were cute!

No matter how hard I hit the left side of my head, I can’t get that song to fall out the right side. Get it out of my head!!!

Maybe if I send it to a friend that gets songs stuck in his head that would help rubbing hands fiendishly :smiley:

SAdly i can’t find any information, but then I’ve only been looking halfheartedly through a very temnperamental internet connection while doing eight other things on different pages, and all while I’m supposed to be revising which reminds me I hope they don’t mind me basically just writing out my whole termpaper again for the exam.

Eh? What? No. Too much caffeine. That’s all. Very tired now. Must work. No problems. Can’t sleep. Clowns will fail me. YAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! oh it’s a smiley. Gotta calm down here.

Our kids love that cartoon but, for the life of me, I just don’t get it. Is it funny because it just keeps going (a la This is the Song that Never Ends <-- Stabs self in the eye for bringing that up) or what?

It’s just so…annoying! :wink:

I had that plan as well. I was going to get my boyfriend to listen to it. But when I told him about it he told me his little sis’ had shown him it already. Apparently, she’s been walking around the house singing it. :slight_smile:


What the hell’s wrong with Magical Trevor’s eyes?

It’s a surprise…Trevor’s magical eyes…
(wanders off humming…)

I woke up this morning with this song bouncing around in my head. Thank you ever so much.