Have you received your tax rebate? (Poll)

Has anyone here received a tax rebate yet? Was it on the day you were supposed to receive it or early? I was reading an article in a local paper about the rebates and someone commented that people might not receive their rebates as scheduled depending on how they filed.http://blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com/consumersmarts/archives/138069.asp (scroll down to read comments) Anyone know anything about this? I’m pretty much counting on mine to pay my rent! (I’ve been laid off since Feb. and my savings are gone).

Actually, as I just re-read the article and comments, my second question appears to be answered. :smack: But I’m still curious how many people have gotten their money!

I usually pay better attention to things. Really!

Please have a look at the forum descriptions, too. :wink: IMHO is the place for polls, so I am moving it there.

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Yes, I did. My husband filed them online, and I got both the federal and provincial payments within about a week and a half (prior to the deadline). I still have to deposit the provincial cheque; I thought it would be direct-deposit, but apparently not! I’ll probably go tomorrow as I have reason to go near one of my bank branches.

The OP probably meant the USA, not Canadian, tax rebates.

I have not yet received mine. I filed online sometime in March, and did receive my tax refund fairly quickly.

Can I plead for forgiveness due to being ill and not quite with it?

I got my refunds in a pretty timely fashion, and I got my rebate last Friday. I totally forgot that I was even getting one, so it was a nice surprise.

I will not be getting one as I make too much moneyl

Oh, holy crap! That site says I got $1200 comin’ my way later this week!

Of course, $600 goes to the ex-to-be, but still. Laptop, you’ll have a display again soon!

Cool! Ours is coming Wednesday. It’s only $600, but it’ll pay a couple of bills that we’ve been putting off.

Ours is supposed to come no later than Friday. We think it’s $1200, and we’re paying off our last credit card with it!

Mine doesn’t appear to exist!

According to the swchedule, though, it’s supposed to come 5/16.

Us too. Yay !! Death to credit balances!!

:does the happy dance with Ivylass:

I got mine today (or at least noticed it in my bank balance today). The fact my SSN ends with 01 helped.

I made less than four thousand dollars of taxed income this year, so no rebate for me. I still managed to pay around forty dollars in taxes. I don’t really understand taxes.

I’m not sure if I’m getting anything or not. The letter I received said that I had to have a certain amount of earned income, and my only taxable income was from a federal (non-veteran) pension and dividend distributions. But when I filled out the worksheet at irs.gov it said I was due $600. In any case, I won’t be getting it until June, since I didn’t file my return until April 14th, and they don’t have any direct deposit info for me because I owed money.

I thought the low end of the SS #'s were supposed to be first in line (5/2). Well, I’m an “05”, filed electronically, and thought I was supposed to get mine last Friday. But the link says 5/16! WTF???

Mine’s not scheduled till May 16. :frowning: It’s probably a good thing that I won’t have it in time for Vegas.

Ours will arrive just in time for Comic-Con!

According to the IRS tool, my stimulus payment is coming on one of two dates: right before, or right after, the Second Coming.

I guess the only economic stimulation I’m getting is… ah, well, nevermind.