Yet Another Stimulus Rebate Question

Are they finished sending out Stimulus Rebates yet?

I ask because I have not recieved one, but am expecting a large one. The IRS website does not seem to provide useful information to me, and calls to the IRS end with a “we can not give information about your account” or words to that effect. (I have yet to reach an actual person yet, though.)


Clarifying information:

I mailed the tax forms out on April 13th. I put direct deposit information on the forms, and indeed, recieved my normal refund a few weeks later as scheduled. But I have not recieved an additional stimulus rebate, though the calculators tell me I should get over a thousand dollars.

Calling the rebate hotline at IRS, I am asked to tell my social security number and my number of exemptions, and my filing status. (Married jointly.) It then simply says “We’re sorry, we can’t give any specific information about your rebate. You are scheduled to recieve the rebate on June 13th. If your forms were processed after April 14th, then it may take eight weeks from the time of processing.”

It has been far more than eight weeks since the thing was processed.

And I have now tried to get to a live person about this, and failed. It just redirects me to the “hotline” I mentioned above, which is just a computerized system.


The cheques were mailed out in batches based on the last two digits of your SSN; the last of them was scheduled to be mailed out last Friday. I assume you’ve checked the “Where’s my Stimulus Payment?” page on the IRS website?

Yes, I checked it after my last message. It’s nearly identical to what you get on the phone:

If this is the item which applies to my situation, then my payment had not been scheduled to be sent as of one week ago, which seems like cause for worry.

Does not apply.

Does not apply. Return filed, refund recieved.

Checked, double-checked and triple-checked.

The calculator seems to indicate I should be eligible for an $1800 rebate.

Return was mailed out on April 13th. Refund was recived around May 7th. I’ve It’s been 9 weeks since the latter date.

What phone representatives? :slight_smile:

That’d put my rebate way behind, but when I’ve seen this chart before it was specified that it applies if your return was processed before April 14th, which mine was not.

Shouldn’t be a paper check, since I successfully recieved a direct deposit for the refund, and since I didn’t file through any third party but simply filled out the forms and mailed them myself.


  1. Did you file electronically or hardcopy? (edit: ah, you filed hardcopy? that will delay it by several weeks right there…)

  2. Have you received a letter from the IRS letting you know the check is on its way?

FWIW, my folks just received their stimulus check yesterday.

My SSN puts me into the last group and yesterday I got the letter saying “the check is in the mail”.

I just got mine last week. A week prior I got a letter from the IRS telling me it was on the way (I found it hilarious to get a letter from the goverment telling me “the check is in the mail.”).

My tax payment (no refund this year) was postmarked April 14th. I don’t know if there is a correlation.

I got the “check’s in the mail” letter last week. Got the stim check yesterday.