Have you seen the "leaked" Dr. Who episode?

I admit that curiosity got the better of me; that and the fact that no US broadcaster has picked up the show.

I have been a longtime (2o years) fan of the show and I loved it.
Much better production values, tight action and most importantly - an
excellent cast, namely Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper.

I’ve seen detractors on other sites, and I can tell by their comments that they weren’t fans of the show to begin with, or were fans of Sliders.

So, anyone else see it, and what do you think?

I’ve been a longtime fan of the show as well. I grew up in the Chicago area where WTTW, the local PBS station, supported the show well and showed it for many years while I lived there.

I wasn’t sure what to expect as I had avoided the spoilers around the net so I would be suprised, but I really enjoyed it. It was a bit fast-paced though, and I’m not sure how that will go over with more casual or new fans. I knew who the enemy was in the episode, but I had a feeling that someone who wasn’t familiar with them might have been somewhat confused.

I had read a comment by Eccleston about the premature release of the episode where he advised people not to watch it as it wasn’t complete and didn’t have special effects. I guess I got a different version as the one I saw appeared complete and certainly had good special effects.

I liked the new Doctor’s personality, as well as the interaction with the new companion. One of my favorite interactions was when the new Doctor met Rose for the first time:

Doctor: Hello, I’m the Doctor. What’s your name?
Rose: I’m Rose.
Doctor: Nice to meet you Rose. Run for your life!!!

I’m very much looking forward to seeing the other new episodes, and hope that something is worked out that it’ll be broadcast in the US. I can’t imagine that someone wouldn’t pick it up as it’s certainly had a strong cult following here for years and years.

Same here Lips! My copy seemed complete as well.

I hope whoever leaked the show from Canada (seems to be what happened); that they continue to do so until a US distributor appears.

No way in hell will I see this episode before it is show on television.

Because I can not seem to figure out Bittorrent. :wally

Eccleston’s comment is misleading (ie wrong) in that the version available on the internet does, indeed, have special effects. What’s unknown is whether they are the final versions of the effects. It is certain that the copy of “Rose” leaked is an early edit because the credits sequence features an old version of the theme tune rather than the new arrangement. Nobody outside the BBC knows for sure how else this version may differ from the final programme which will be broadcast, but there has been speculation of changes in the sound mixing, incidental music, final polishing of effects, editing, title sequence visuals and more.

I should have mentioned that my copy did have the “older” theme. I heard the new theme played on BBC5 radio on-line (on one of their breakfast shows), and it
isn’t drastically different; so yes; I guess my copy is a work-in-progress.

Even if I found out that what I had was the final, I would be quite satisfied.


In answer to the IO’s question: No, but thanks for the tip! :cool:

(IO = OP. Never type in the dark.)

I’ve been watching Dr. Who since I was 5. I’m 25 now (I don’t think I understood most of what was going on back then, but for some reason I loved it. I remember the Daleks scared the hell out of me). I’m most familiar with the Tom Baker days.

Can’t help out the OP, unfortunately. I’m very curious to see it myself.

I liked it. It’s connected to the past series, but also very much here and now. The cheesy stuff is there, as it should be and the characters are spot on.

Well, if they’re still working on the effects, I hope that…

…one of the effects they’re still working on is when the wheelie bin eats Rose’s boyfriend. The CGI on those tendrils just wasn’t very good…

As for the music, I just assumed they had decided to go back to the older version of the theme. I was very happy with that as it was.

I really don’t think there was much that needed changing with the version I saw.

The Beeb’s new Doctor Who site has an interview with the guy who revamped the theme tune. It doesn’t include the new tune itself, sadly, but the interview is very interesting, and offers hints of what to expect (I’m nervous). Linky.