Have you seen this news photo?

I randomly ran across an old news photo I’d dragged to my desktop from CNN.com or somesuch, filed away, and forgotten until now:


I think the picture itself (and, of course, the girl) are absolutely gorgeous. But what you see is the largest resolution I have ever owned, and now, I’ve forgotten the context. I remember it was a pic of a vigil for some assassinated official, and the file name tells me it was taken in Jordan. But, that’s all I got!

Any ideas as to where I could find a larger copy?

Scroll down a bit. Is this the same girl?

The photo is credited to Ali Jarekji, Reuters, 2005/11/12.

Whoa, that’s absolutely her. I’m falling in love with her as we speak.

I prefer the former picture - more candid-looking. The photographer is a huge hint though. Excellent sleuthing work!

Holy crap, that was a pretty obscure question and it was answered in 9 minutes. Someone tell me this week’s lottery numbers.

And by a non-member too! This board still surprises me sometimes. :slight_smile:

Not for nothing, but I’ve been here for years, and just am a non-payer now. I’m classified as a “guest.”

It makes it hard to figure out who might be “new.”

It looks like the answerer has been here since 2003. I’m not sure what YOU call folks that hang around that long, I usually call them family or furniture. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Reminds me of this photo which was one of the most famous photos in National Geographic’s history.


Tiny URL, my friend!


We used to be able to post a text hyperlink…but for some reason I can’t find the button to do that anymore…did the Dope get rid of that feature? That was handy for getting rid of the wicked long URLs!

It reminded me of this image of Leila Khaled.

Only with candles instead of an AK.

Still can - the text to use as the hyperlink is highlighted after the link is inserted - just type the text you want to say.

Heh, seriously! I’m guessing you mean “reminded me of” in a contrasting kind of way.

No, as in that image of a (presumably) middle-eastern woman reminded me of a famous image of another middle-eastern woman.