Have you sent any ideas to companies to suggest they do something?

… I mean, other than some complaint about a substandard product or service.

I just sent an idea to Tesla which I think is reasonable, but I expect won’t go anywhere, but WFT? I suggested that Tesla could join forces with Uber, Lyft and other ridesharing companies to promote and distribute the Model 3 when it comes out next year. Tesla wants it to be a transformative car – why not go there by also making it a transformative “taxi” that will introduce millions of people to it? Perhaps they can offer rideshare drivers (like me) special financing deals. And perhaps the rideshare companies can be persuaded that having green fleets is good PR for them.

Have you had any such ideas you’ve sent off, probably into the void?

I sent some product suggestions* to Ben & Jerry’s back when the guys were still involved.

Reverse Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Chocolate Fluffernutter

Oh, and I sent the company a suggestion for Turtle* within the past few years.

*This is something I make myself: chocolate-caramel ice cream with caramel pecan clusters.

Everybody listened.

I made an official suggestion when I worked for the State Department. It netted me a $5,000 check, which was nice.

Being a frugal person, I sometimes wash and reuse ziplock bags.

I wrote to them. Asked them to make them with round corners and they would be easier to wash. No change. Maybe they would prefer if we tossed them?

Once following a response to a complaint I made a suggestion to the person on the phone.

About 5 years ago I sent an email to GEICO suggesting they advertise less.

Let me know if you want me to handle anything for you. :cool:

I have no idea of the average mileage per shift of an uber driver or taxi driver, but with a 200 mile range, would the Model 3 be practical?

Several years ago, I contacted eBay suggesting they advertise eBay Motors less. This was about six months after eBay Motors went live.

I once called a cereal company to let them know that there was too much cinnamon in their crappy granola.

Probably yes. A good part of the day is spent in waiting for a call, which is typically spent parked. And most of the driving around a city is at maybe 20-40 mph, and not much sucking down power at highway speeds.

My longest driving to date is 156 miles on one day, though I’m sure that it might be problematic for some others. For instance, I have a full time day job and I’m not driving to try making a living off it.

I sent a suggestion to The Weather Channel that I’m sure received the attention it warranted.

^5 at Skywatcher. I wrote to Ben and Jerry, too. I suggested a green apple-cinnamon flavor inspired by a pie my grandmother made.

I can’t say that I have, mostly because I have a feeling that if I came up with something really useful and wrote it in to the proper company, it would never see the light of day, as they’d probably think I’d come sniffing around for a cut of the loot if it made it big.

ISTR about a TV show writer/runner who basically said not to mail him scripts or story ideas for that very reason, and I’ve always felt like companies would be the same way.

I wrote up a nice justification for why we need to implement formal project management at my company. Management scoffed and discarded the idea. Basically we don’t know what that is but we’re very sure we don’t need it. :rolleyes:

Not a company, but I recently emailed the makers of a podcast with an idea for an episode, and they released the show I suggested in about a month, so they took my suggestion right away. It’s a podcast where they review two movies that have something in common back to back, and apparently they didn’t know about the connection between the two movies I mentioned before I suggested it. Thanked me by name in the podcast and everything, which was nice.

I had a suggestion for something for my city to implement, based on a news story I read about something another city did. But, I was on my phone reading the story and was too lazy to find an email address to submit the suggestion.

Someone else read the same story and submitted the idea and the city implemented it and praised this guy all over the place.


I’d think a plug-in hybrid would be more ideal for a taxi; you get all the advantages of running off batteries, but if for some reason, business is especially hot, or you get a particularly distant fare, you’re not hamstrung by having to recharge your battery in the middle of things.

I’ve suggested plenty of things where I work; typically they take the form of suggesting some kind of technical solution that gets immediately dismissed as “too expensive” or “unproven” or without a good reason, and then ends up being implemented a year or two later. For example, at an old employer, they were going through all sorts of heartburn and angst trying to connect remote sites through a frame relay network. I suggested using a VPN solution, and they told me that there was no way that they’d EVER send corporate traffic through the Internet. Fast forward a couple of years, and you guessed it, they implemented VPN connectivity for remote sites.

I’ve basically quit bothering with suggesting anything, because I feel like I just plant the seeds for others to come along later and claim the credit.

Not that I can remember but I did tell the local big grocery chain to go back to their original flavor store “mountain dew” They didnt of course. In their change over they dumped many of their selections including the store brand “cokes”…I dont buy their store brand anymore. When I worked for them they encouraged us to buy store brand since they make more money that way…hmm

I really need to contact the makers of Country Crock…they changed their recipe calling it a new recipe…not for me. Bleck.

So now I am in search of something that I like the taste of. Looks like other companies are doing it too…new recipe? more like cheaper ass ingredients!