Have You Struck Your Pet Or Someone Else's?

As asked. I don’t mean to injure or to cause bleeding or anything like that.

Does ‘one time I accidentally kicked my cat because she’s black and hides in the shadows’ count?

If not then no. I’d never hit an animal unless it was actively threatening me, and to be honest, the one time I was attacked by someone’s pet, I was too freaked out and afraid of further provoking it to hit back.

Both my dogs have had a couple of smacks for doing something they shouldn’t have been doing (not hard, just to get their attention). One of my dogs got cracked across the nose with a remote once. My daughter was a few weeks old. Dog was either growling at her or doing something else that made me nervous. I went to swat her (the dog) away and forget I had the remote in my hand. I felt bad, I hit her pretty hard, but OTOH, she never did it again.

Also, I’m confused by the OP. You say “I don’t mean to injure” but then you put “yes, to injure” as one of the choices.

No, I meant the “criteria” if I may say for what it means to strike a pet.

I have physically restrained animals in ways that probably were not that comfortable for them and I have the scars to prove it. I’ve been doing animal rescue for over 10 years and have never felt so threatened that I had to hit a critter.

However, I have stepped on tails and paws, tripped over a cat and landed on poor innocent doggy bystander and once set a cat carrier (cat included) on the edge of a table and it fell off :smack:

Only one time did I hit my cat, she had a bird in her mouth and it was alive. She had a bad habbit of bringing live things home. I got tired of her bringing live birds into the house :slight_smile:

So I caught her trying to sneak in the door and caught her by the tail and there was no way in “heck” that I wanted that bird flying around the living room. You can imagine they are hard to get out. So I pulled her by the tail back out the door and she wouldn’t let go of the bird so I hit her butt and she dropped the bird and it flew away.

We call that the kitty handle out here. I’ve also used it at times.

I hate to say it, but it saved my cat’s life. Otherwise I would have had no choice but to put her down.

She had a habit of wanting to be held cuddled against my face, and then when I would go to put her down, she would go nuts and scratch the shit out of my face. It got worse and worse to the point where she drew considerable blood, and in anger, I beat her. She didn’t do it again for quite some time. Then one day she did it again to the point where I was bleeding from seven different places on my face and ended up with a serious bruise (and I generally don’t bruise) around my left eye because she very narrowly missed the eye itself. I could have been blinded. So I chased her around smacking the crap out of her to the point where she limped for a week, just to let her know how angry I was. Then I refused to hold her for a solid month, gave her no treats, no special food. After that, each and every time she would hiss in my face, she went down hard. No more hitting, just dropped hard to the ground. Then I would ignore her for an hour or so, or hiss at her to let her know I didn’t like it.

Has never done it again, and it’s been over three years. Since then she has gotten her ass smacked a few times for peeing on the carpet, or soccer kicked (not that hard) for being underfoot when my hands are full.

Had I taken her to the shelter to get rid of her, and told her what she did, they would have IMMEDIATELY put her down as a dangerous animal. As it was, beating the crap out of her made her learn that ripping up my face was a Very Bad Idea and broke her of the habit.
A couple of years ago my sister and brother in law took the family on an over-night in-town trip, planning to be home first thing the next morning, and asked me to check in on their dog, who they left at home. That dog has NEVER liked me. I went over and tried to hook it on a leash to take it outside and it ripped the shit out of my hand. While I was washing off my hand with cold water in the kitchen sink, it came up behind me and attacked me. I spun around with the leash in my hand and smacked it hard across the face. It retreated trailing urine and feces. I cleaned that up and figured that I probably wasn’t going to get the dog outside, and that it pretty much already went. Still hates me, but has never again attacked me.

Years ago some now former friend’s extremely undisciplined dogs would bit me, scratch me and destroy my property. One of the big reasons they are former friends is that they were constantly accusing me of striking their dogs when I never did, and defending the dog’s destructive behavior by saying that the dogs were in their own house and could do what they wanted (which apparently included the time when one of them bit me in the crotch). Just the act of pushing the dogs away with my foot (because they would attack my hands) resulted in screaming accusations of me ‘kicking’ the dogs.

In retrospect, I should have crippled that fucking dog when it latched onto my groin, THEN called the Police to report the dog bite.

I don’t hit animals to punish them for peeing on the carpet or something, but I have had to do it to stop violence on their part and establish dominance. I have been bitten by dogs, cats, iguanas, and horses, and been kicked or head-butted by a variety of hoofed mammals. I always respond instantly with a smack on the nose (I had to punch a goat in the face once when it attacked me, and I think it hurt my hand more than it hurt the goat). Generally, I am far gentler than a dominant member of their own species would be. I have a 3-year old grandson. I will NOT tolerate an animal who thinks biting or kicking humans is okay.

Yes, and probably within the past week. I’ll often smack them lightly on the head if they’re trying to get food from my plate, or on their haunches if I’m behind them and they ignore my verbal commands to get out of something I don’t want them in.

A little smack, not enough to cause pain. Because she just doesn’t shut up dometimes.


I’ve booted my cats in the butt, gently, and have popped my horses in the shoulder when they’ve gotten aggressive [though I did bite Mickey on the nose once because he bit me on the butt] with my hand or the end of a rope, but not in anger. I saw a woman put a 16 hand, 1300 lb horse on its knees once by beating the living hell out of it with a whip and kicking it once it was on the ground, and swore I’d never, ever do that. I don’t remember why this chick got so pissed off, but it was a horrible sight to see. daHubby finally got near enough to get the whip and drag her off the horse, and thankfully the barn manager asked her to leave the next day.

I smack my cat occasionally, but not hard enough to hurt her. She has this annoying habit of demanding attention at the most inconvenient times.

She smacks me with her paw frequently enough, so we’re even.

Nope. Only occassionally has my dog been smacked – and that was because she was trying to wrestle with one of the cats, and wouldn’t let her go.

I’ve TAPPED my cats on the nose, and I’ve squirted them in the face, but that’s it.

An off leash dog attacked my dog, I defended my dog and would have killed the other if I could have, but it got away from my grip.

No. Never. I have never felt the need. The only touch my pets have ever experienced at my hands are hugs, kisses, pats, skritches, rubs, and cuddles.

No - my dog would just be confused. When he was a puppy he got time-outs in the bathroom if he was naughty. Seemed to work.


I have pushed the horniest dog in the world away (not in a way he’d be hurt) and kept him pushed down. But that’s because that hairball didn’t understand anything else I could use (not my dog, so it’s not like I could take him for a timeout - the owners instructions were “just push him down”).

You need an ‘other’

I have accidentally kicked my cat, black cat, night, kitteh pretzels around ankles and it didn’t end well for kitteh. Kitteh went away grumpy.

I have also played broom ball with a rooster that is vicious as it was the only way to get to the car safely, or from the car into the house safely if it had gotten out of the coop. I still have spur scars on my lower legs from being attacked.

I have bitchslapped a horse that was trying to take a bite out of me while working on his grooming. Stallions are frequently more trouble than it is worth keeping them uncut.

I have shot a number of dogs that were harassing my sheep. Animal control comes, takes the bodies and issues citations to the owners of said dogs.

Let’s just say I don’t like dogs.