Have you submitted a suggestion for improving Gmail?

I mean other than checking off boxes of the previous suggestions that show up when you go to the feedback section.

My suggestion was to exchange the function of the j and k shortcut keys. When, say, you’re reading an individual letter in the archive that’s one of many with a certain label, j takes you to an older letter, and it’s to the left of the k key. However, the link to take you to an older letter is to the right of the newer letter link. I thought this was confusing.

I tried to sign up for Gmail forums today but I guess its screwed up. When signing up, you can’t post until you get a conformation message in your e-mail. I never got the conformation mail. I then tried using another username and e-mail address and had the same problem.

Anyway, are you having the same problem I 'm having?

I suggested that they make it possible to use gmail with Opera. It pisses me off a little that I have to open a whole other browser just to check that account.

I need to suggest they get some smilies.

I find the filtering a bit crude. For example, I would like be able to automatically attach a ‘Family’ label to any mail that came from a family member, but there’s no way of categorising people in your contact list. Or make it so that messages coming from anyone on a ‘whitelist’ that I specify, or perhaps a list of people to whom I have ever sent email, are not put through any spam filter.

Maybe “more robust contact list”, which they say they’re working on, addresses these issues.

I requested address book importing before they introduced it.

I’ve also requested they make an add on for all of the major IM programs, as well as to the Google toolbar that notifies you if you recieve mail. Right now I’m using Gtray for that purpose, and it works well, but I’d rather not run another application if I don’t have to.

I suggested they put an indicator next to the SPAM folder when it has unread msgs, like other folders. I had a false positive non-spam in there for a few days before I knew it was there.

I just submitted a suggestion today. I wrote about it in my livejournal so I will just go ahead and copy it here:

So I wanted to send email to everyone in my address book from my new Gmail account, telling them about my new email address, but I soon discovered you can’t add multiple recipients at once!!

According to the help screen: “While Gmail does not currently support this functionality, we are testing many new features to improve the Gmail service. In the meantime, you can use Gmail’s auto-complete feature to address a message to multiple contacts.”

Well this is no good! How am I supposed to remember off the top of my head all the people on my list, so I can begin typing in their names so their address pops up?!

My current email pulls up my entire address book and i can go down the list and check everyone I want it to go to. But not Gmail. Just when I thought Gmail was cool, this happens. A lot of my email goes out to multiple people, and now this makes it very difficult to do that.

Does this bother anyone else? It’s enough to make me not want to use it. I send out lots of e-mail to multiple people and like to just go down a list and check the people I want. You can’t do that with Gmail.

This one really irks me. As long as the browser can handle https, why on Earth would it matter to them in the least which browser I use? You don’t need Java, Javascript, ActiveX, etc. to do webmail. (In fact, you most definitely don’t want to use any of them for security reasons.)

“Don’t be evil.” has been officially sent to the trash bin of Google history.