Have you wittnessed someone do a good thing?

Today ,as I waited for the bus to take me home from Wal~Mart,I noticed a woman and her daughter walking to their car… She was wearing a leopard print dress that I wanted,is why I noticed her… In a few moments she was walking back toward the store… She handed an employee a purse ,said “This was in a cart next to my car” and walked away…

I work as a cashier in a discount store. Last year a woman was buying 20 super balls ad 20 little bags. She confirmed she was a school teacher, buying holiday presents for her class.

When both of her credit cards were declined, we stood there looking at each other. The woman behind her put her credit card on the counter and said 'Put it on mine." I looked at her in shock. “Are you sure?” “She’s a teacher. Put it on mine.”

So I did. When I thanked the credit card holder, she brushed it off. “She’s a teacher.”

While eating breakfast at IHOP on Saturday, I watched a 30-something young man walk up to a table with an older couple eating their breakfast. The gentleman sitting eating was wearing a Vietnam Veteran ballcap. The 30-something young man excused himself, and asked if he could shake the Veteran’s hand, and then proceeded to give a very heartfelt and sincere “thank you so much for you service to our country. I appreciate what you did.” And then he left to go back to his breakfast. It made me smile.

The scene: a fancy restaurant, with expensive steaks and a long wine list. The restaurant has a policy of giving a free glass of wine for anyone celebrating a wedding anniversary.

At a nearby table, a couple with white hair gets their free wine, and the waiter says “congratulations, it’s not often we celebrate a 70th anniversary”. A little later, the maitre d’ asks stops by the table to ask how the meal was, and by the way, “congratulations on your 70th anniversary.”

When they ask for the bill, the waiter says, “it’s already been paid, by that couple sitting at the corner table over there”. The older couple walk over to thank the total strangers. They were young, married for 2 years, had overheard the comments and were genuinely impressed by the happy nonogenarians.

The older couple warmly wished them another 68 years of happiness to match their own.
Then they apologized that they weren’t sure if they’d be around to buy them a meal in the year 2082. :slight_smile:
Handshakes and smiles all round.

Well, somebody did a good thing, even if I didn’t actually witness it myself. One day, while grocery shopping, I stuck my hand in my pocket and discovered that my wallet wasn’t there :eek: Thinking it had fallen out of my pocket, I re-traced my steps as best I could remember, but didn’t find it. So I went to the customer service desk to ask if anybody had turned in a wallet.

Sure enough, in the time that it took, somebody had.

ETA: I had an occasion to pay it forward too. Only a few months after that, while visiting a somewhat touristy beach town, I found a pocketbook laying on the sidewalk a few blocks from the street. It included a checkbook, with checks showing a woman’s name and an address and phone in Colorado.

I kept one of the blank checks and took all the rest to the local police station. The receptionist there assured me that they would get it back to the owner somehow.

I got to find out the result too. Back home, I called the number on that check, to tell whoever answered that there was a found pocketbook waiting at the police station. The person who answered said the person named on the check was visiting that beach town in California, and had already been frantic about losing the pocketbook, and the police had already called before me and everything was all worked out.

I was taking a pee having landed at Edinburgh airport a few months back. Quiet toilets, just a Scottish lad drying his hands under one of those power dryers.

He left and I noticed a stuffed wallet on the dryer. I grabbed it and followed him out and waving it asked if it was his. “Nope” he says.

We handed it in together at lost property but thinking about it he could have just said yes and I would have given it to him probably without question. Pleased to say the guy whose wallet it was was at the desk reporting his loss as we walked up. A happy tourist.

One time I was driving and saw a brown wild rabbit in the middle of the road, frozen with fear. Two 20-something guys had stopped traffic and the one guy sneaked up behind it, grabbed it, carried to a nearby yard and dropped it over a small picket fence to safety.