Haven't seen new Bond movies. What's this "Paradigm Shift" they're talking about?

Haven’t seen any of the new D Craig Bond movies. Re this reviewwhat’s the big “paradigm shift” in the Bond world the article is talking about. Is Bond still “Bond”.

They killed the camp and goofy technology (invisible cars? wristwatch lasers?) and replaced it with blood, grit and psychological trauma.

Or, as one critic has said of the new Bond flick: it’s Bond for people who’d rather watch Bourne.

Bond had become a joke - everything was all about topping the previous.


Agreed. I thought that whole tank scene in Goldeneye was lame.

It’s probably the Aston’s version of Tiptronic.

I know, I know.

If I wanted realism I’d go with John LeCarre, not Ian Fleming! :mad:

Well, Ian Fleming hasn’t had much to do with anything in a Bond film…ever.

This version of Bond is closer to Fleming than we’ve had, but is still far away.

Closer, but the “real” Bond was a man of WWII and the early Cold War. This is a brutish Bond for the modern era. Hemmed in by bureaucracy, driven to violent action. THe chase scenes are still surreal, but more believable at the moment you are viewing it. The fancy locales are still there. But overall, there is a grittiness, a thuggishness.

They’ve reset the whole franchise to zero and ignored any continuity with the past films. Bond is now at the start of his 007 career.

I guess that makes more sense than the conceit that he’s been at it since 1962 and is no nearer retirement age.