Havent seen "Walk Hard"...but I watched The Beatles scene

And apparently Long and Rudd were freaking out about doing it…?

Actors? Am I right?..come on guys, its a lark you should be excited about. Especially once they twigged onto how good their impressions were. Which should have taken no time. “Do I sound good? I think I sound good.” “Dude, you sound amazing. In fact that may be the best John Lennon impression I’ve ever heard”

On top of that, roles like that are the funnest ever. Come in and do a quick historical cameo in a film with a bunch of people you like and get paid well to do it.

Ironically, Jack Black…who seems to be on the same page as me…did the poorest job. Nailing the McCartney impression, until he had to speak more than a few lines, then just falling into a standard English accent before rounding it off with a Scouse.

But maybe thats the joke and its going over my head.

Wasn’t the joke in that scene that none of them looked or sounded particularly like the people they portrayed?

Rudd and Long nail the voice impression. And Rudd passes visually due to good costume work.

The OP should watch the whole movie- it’s a very funny parody of musician biopics.

“That’s a particularly bad case of being cut in half with a machete”

“The wrong son died!”

I honestly can’t remember if that line is from Walk the Line or Walk Hard.

Both, probably?

And Dewey’s wife, played by Kristen Wiig, constantly telling him he’ll never be successful, even when he calls her during a nationwide tour to tell her he’s going to be on the road longer— “ok, bye honey….you’re never going to make it”. I liked that little throwaway joke.

Of course he was really staying on the road longer because he was getting cuddly with Jenna Fischer’s character:

Which might also be why the actors were apprehensive. Perhaps they thought it might come off as mean spirited towards a group they admired.

Sounds like the plot of Colonel Homer.