Having drinks with a producer from Fox News - need material

So my girlfriend and I are supposed to have drinks tonight with her friend and her friend’s new boyfriend. Her boyfriend happens to work as a producer or something for Fox News.

Now my GF is pretty conservative and watches a lot of Fox News while I tend to be more moderate. I’m not an Obama fanboy or anything, but I’m probably going to vote for him (like it matters in NY / NJ).
Anyhow, I think it would not be totally out of character to fuck with them a little bit.

I could be “Obama Fanboy Hardon Guy”:
“I just think Obama is glorious.”
“Of course we’re voting for Obama…we’re not ignorant!”
“Look, I don’t know much about his policies. I’m just looking forward to free health care and taxing the shit out of those rich Wall Street fat cats.”
Or I could go the other route and be “Right Wing Conservative Guy”:
“Well, I don’t know if I feel comfortable voting for a Black Muslim terrorist who hates white people.”
“I think Sarah Palin has some very well thought out policies and a nice rack.”
“Of course I’m voting for McCain! Do you think I want to make Baby Jesus cry!”
“McCain has what I really look for in a candidate. Lot’s of pent up anger.”

This social event sounds like it will happen in the Sitcom Universe.

Why do you have to be any “guy” besides msmith guy?

I think you should be The Guy Who Is Totally Clueless About the Election. You know, act surprised to learn that McCain was a POW, and that you have no idea that Obama defeated Hillary. Heck, act surprised that Hillary ran in the primaries.

Take it one step further and be “ignorant of Media” guy. Tv?..oh yeah I know a lot of people watch it, but I’ve never got the appeal. Radio? Nah, I’ve got an i-pod. Newspapers? Who reads THAT anymore. Online news?..nah it’s all so everyday…I’m just not interested in politics…but yeah i’ll vote…Who are the candidates again?

I don’t know about “that guy” types, but some specific issues I’d raise over and over:

  1. McCain and his respectable buddy G. Gordon “remember to shoot the Fed agents in the head” Liddy.

  2. Palin “sharing the wealth” of the oil companies with Alaskan citizens. Especially quote Palin: "“We can afford to share resource wealth with Alaskans…”

  3. Voter fraud.

Because that’s what “msmith guy” does.

“Obama’s black?”

Man, I gotta agree with Bricker here. No offense but it sounds like a bit of a jerkish thing to do. Why mess with your girlfriend’s friend and her new relationship like that? This has “will not end well” written all over it.

Every time you see something remotely good - say, a good looking woman walks by, or the dinner tastes really good - spit, grab your crotch and say “now that’s some fair and balanced shit right thar!”

Well…it will probably end better than any of the other relationships this girl has had, but you make a valid point. I guess I’ll just be myself.

I am curious about his political views though and how much BS he sees in his job. That alone will probably provide enough legitimate entertainment.

My luck though, he’ll probably like “meh…I just tell them where to point the cameras. I don’t follow politics.”

I don’t claim it’s honorable (per the criticism from other posters), but I would probably be tempted to go with your second scenario, playacting a horribly ignorant and close-minded conservative, to see if I can bait the guy into revealing something awful.

If you really want to score brownie points with your girlfriend, you could note how radical FoxNews chicks are way generally way hotter than boring liberal CNN chicks.

You could be surprised. He could turn out to be a closet liberal (or an active one) and the Fox news job could be - well, a job.

Personally, I stay away from religion and politics upon meeting someone as much as possible - until I know someone well. Old fashioned as was raised that it isn’t polite conversation. Better topics are weather, sports, books (non political), his date’s past boyfriends…

This has ‘Jerk’ written all over it. Get over it, just be yourself, and get on with enjoying the event.

I’d go as “Guy who has a crush on Sean Hannity”:

“Soo… how long have you worked for Fox?”
“Have you ever met Sean Hannity?”
“Do you think you could introduce me to Sean Hannity?”
“What does Sean Hannity smell like?”

You have to use that line.

Okay, you can then say, “Just kidding, man.” But still. Use it!

Take it further. Ignorant of history and current events guy. "So a woman and a black guy ran this year? When did they start voting?

Turns out they are not really allowed to express any particular favoratism for either candidate.

Well, for next time, ask what Kent Brockman’s like in person.