Having senior or blond moments

Just the other day my younger sister Tracey and I were dropping off a car to my older sister Edie’s place of work. I looked at Tracey and asked were Edie’s car was and then realized that we were in Edie’s car and not my Mom’s car that we were trading it for. We just laughed about it, but I felt so stupid. Has anyone else had one of these episodes?

I had two at work last Friday.

I work in a call center, and part of my opening spiel is “Thank you for calling Intuit”. Instead, I said “Thank you for calling Oasis”. (Oasis is the software we use to look up account info, transactions, batches, take case notes, etc.)

My end response to a call begins the same as the opening, so on another call, as I was ending the call, I went into the opening spiel. Gave the merchant I was talking to a good laugh.

Had one yesterday.

I went out and checked to see if the mail had come, then started bitching to myself about the delay. Then facepalmed myself when I realized that I was at home for the same reason the mail wasn’t coming - federal holiday.

My first non-babysitting job was as PBX operator on Saturdays - for you young 'un, look for Lily Tomlin doing Ernestine at the phone company - I worked at a switchboard very like that.

Anyway, I would answer all calls with “Good Morning (or Afternoon), <company name>” - and naturally, I’d go home and do the same, much to the delight of my sibs. Force of habit, you know…

A few of weeks ago I went to leave for work and I noticed that one of the kids had parked behind my truck. The other lane of the driveway was clear though so I knew I could go forward and turn into the other lane then back out. I even looked to make sure I had enough room to make the turn without hitting my son’s car in front of me.

So I got into my truck, immediately went into autopilot mode, put the truck in reverse and left a nice trailer hitch shaped dent in the front of my other car. :smack:

Fortunately it’s about impossible to have both a senior and blond moment at the same time. My hire turned gray even before I became a senior.

Well, when I worked in the local psych hospital it was always fun to answer my home telephone with “----- Psychiatric Hospital, Dementia Unit, Mona Lisa RN speaking…”

But like the OP I had a “Dude where’s my car?” moment yesterday. I had temporarily and illegally parked beside a fire hydrant at 2pm, got my son left the area, then returned 45 minutes later for a parent teacher conference. When I came back my car was not there … it was on the next block, parked legally and safely.

Or as I put it “My car isn’t where I didn’t leave it!”

I have had conversations with HR in the last two years, one for blonde jokes being told by one of my team members, and another for the use of the term “senior moment” by another (46 year old) team member. Both concerns as contributing to a hostile work environment. The blond thing is a bit unique. Because our parent company is based in a certain European country, we have a ton of expats, almost all of them flaxen haired. For a while we were walking on eggshells, now things are a little more relaxed.

Tore the house and then the car apart one day not too long ago searching high and low for my sunglasses.

No luck. Major frustration. They were my favorite sunglasses. As I entered the bathroom for a pit stop, I happened to look up in the mirror as I sat down. You can guess the rest. :smack:

Yes I can. I guess you can’t guess the end of my story, though. I know I can’t.

A few months ago I had a friend over for dinner. She made the shopping list, and I spent the $13546545 on the ingredients, which included 3 kinds of cheese. One of those was a big block of parm that was pretty expensive. No worries, parm lasts forever.

A few days later (after spending the weekend elsewhere), I was going to make leftovers. I could not find the parm. Not in the fridge, not on a counter, not in my medicine cabinet, not under my bed, not in a closet. It was just… gone. And I know that my friend didn’t take it.

I suppose it went to the place where socks go.

A few weeks ago I was talking to my sister on my cell phone, but I didn’t have a lot of time to talk because I had to leave for work soon.

So as I’m talking to her I’m starting to pack up my purse, grab my jacket, etc., so I can jet as soon as we hang up.

But then as I’m going to zip up my purse I can’t find my cell phone and I start to panic because I don’t have the money to replace it and it has a ton of stuff on it, and my sister is still talking and I’m not really listening because I frantically looking all over for my cell phone.

I was juuuust about to say to my sister, “I can’t find my cell phone!” when it hit me.


when you look for something that you usually have it is best to get naked and start looking.

I used to have blond moments, then my hair turned gray and I began experiencing senior moments–now I’m going bald and starting to experience outpatient moments: who am I, officer, and can you take me home?

I call them liberal moments.

Let’s cut out the political drive-bys.

This is not the thread for political jabs, so go call them that elsewhere.


twickster, MPSIMS moderator

I went to see a film early Saturday morning, but the film isn’t being shown until next Saturday.

Getting ready for work on Friday, couldn’t find my car keys.
The usual place is on the dresser beside the bed. Checked on it, in it, below it, around it, and behind it, several times. Checked the other likely repositories. No dice. Weren’t even under the bed, the traditional catch-all amongst my family.

That evening sooled the kids onto the task, offering a pocket money bonus. They are usually forensically effective. They couldn’t find them. Went through the garbage bin in increasing desparation. Couldn’t find them on Sat morning either. Now this is getting serious.

On Sunday I got out of bed and with that first step, I put my foot on them.

Can only presume they were caught up in the bedclothes and fell out during the night.

Twice now I’ve gotten into my car, thought there was something horribly wrong with it because it wasn’t starting, then realized that I hadn’t put the key in the ignition yet.

I have, many, many times, silently freaked out to myself because I couldn’t find my phone in my pocket. While talking to someone on said phone.