Having trouble with thread links?

When I click on a thread link for the first time, it now takes me to the end of the page. Blank white, below the footer. Took me a few times to figure out that I needed to scroll up to find the thread.

If I click on the link to go to the first unread, it will take me to the first page with unread content, rather than the first post.

Any suggestions on how to fix this? It’s annoying.

FWIW, I have now narrowed it down to a Chrome Browser issue. I’m not having problems if use other browsers.

I tried it with Chrome on my work computer and I’m not seeing the issue.

What operating system and what version of Chrome do you have?

And what, if any Extensions do you see when you go to chrome://extensions ?

Even if you’ve never intentionally installed an extension, I’ve seen malware that will install some.

It’s on an iPad. I’m not worried about the malware issue. For now, I’m happy to just switch to a different browser.

Thank you both.