Hawaii verifies Obama's Birth Certificate

It’s ridiculous that it had to come to this:

Will this finally put an end to the wingnut nonsense about Obama’s citizenship?

Of course it won’t.
“Yeah, that’s just what I thought they would say. What took so long?” :rolleyes:

Okay, so Obama has communist operatives in Hawaii’s highest offices now. I see how it is.
His Islamo-Communist Jihadis are everywhere…


Already the Freepers are saying it’s phony.

I’m getting a bit of a chuckle out of this. Trying to find a reason to disqualify Obama from the ballot. Remember Alice Palmer ?

I would think that Hawaii’s position could be challenged constitutionally. After all, age and location of birth are distinct requirements for eligibility to be president. Seems rather irresponsible that this information can be withheld from the people.

God those people are sick.

No. Who the fuck is Alice Palmer?

What information is being withheld?

Amusing, though.

This is the only Alice Palmer I could find on Wiki that I would think Dutchman could be referring to, but I don’t know how it applies to the topic at hand, at least not with Obama’s birth certificate, or citizenship status.

C’mon Dio, surely you’ve read a bio on Obama.

Were you satisfied you got the full truth when the Bush administration told us Saddam had weapons of mass destruction.

What are you playing at?

From your link

Karma. What goes around comes around. Except that I have no doubt as to the legitimacy of Obama’s birth certificate.

Obama started out his carreer disqualifying his Democrat opponents (including Palmer) by challenging the legitimacy of their ballot registrations (signature lists) and ended up unopposed in the Democratic primary for the state senate.

Can you imagine a citizen successfully challenging Obama’s birth registration to disqualify him from the oval office?

Okay, punks, but disprove the LATEST meme: Obama’s education was paid for by, er, nefarious creatures of SOME sort.

Honest, I need to turn the beliefs of a cow-orker who answers it with “Unnamed Middle-Eastern Entities.”

Ok, so I see she’s the State Senator who preceded Obama in his seat in Illinois. What the hell does she have to do with his birth certificate or with his legitimacy in the ballot?

Ok, so you’re saying that the state of Hawaii is lying and that Barack Obama doesn’t really have a birth certificate? It’s all a big conspiracy?

What about the fact that Obama has, you know, already made his birth certificate available to public view?

Never mind. I can see that nutters will be nutters, no matter what the evidence is.

This is silly Obama PROVED his case. There is no “karma” at play here.

Bro, Dutchie’s fucked. Accept it and ignore him.

read the link

never said that

So what

I totally agree.

Dutchie, my pal for LO these many years, THIS is a fight you should just drop. Jump on some different issue. Much as I appreciate your input, THIS is one that can only stomp all over your rep. Toss it aside and concentrate on another of your anti-Obama memes. Maybe ONE will catch fire, though I don’t see it happening.

Nothing I’ve said here could be constituted as anti- Obama. Not in my mind, and I’m on the record here in support of him and I’ve outlined why. These responses here are indicative of paranoia to the extent that some poster or posters have forgotten exactly which forum they are in.

OK, that’s . . . totally retarded . . .

Since this is a rant and not a debate (and since several posters have already misinterpreted another poster’s contributions and the insults are already being flung around for no good reason), I’m shutting down this nonsense.

Go play in the Pit.

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