Why might a governor seal a birth certificate?

I’ve been following the various groundless rumors popping up this election season and the birth certificate one made a question pop up: Could a governor seal a person’s birth certificate? And why would they? And no, I don’t believe the “Obama’s not a citizen” thing, just to be on the safe side.

Governors do not “seal” birth certificates, AFAIK, and Hawaiian Gov. Linda Lingle has not “sealed” Obama’s.

This is just World Net Daily’s, um, idiosyncratic way of describing the standard procedure for refusal of access to a birth certificate by persons who don’t fall into certain limited categories (e.g., the individual whose certificate it is, close family members of that individual, etc.). As their own article says:

And indeed, if you go to Section 338-18 of the Hawaii Revised Statutes on the Hawaii state government website, you can see that this provision does indeed prohibit access by random unrelated individuals to another individual’s birth certificate:

So the reason the Governor’s office denied Corsi’s request for a copy of Obama’s birth certificate is simply that Corsi is not one of the few people who are legally authorized to see Obama’s birth certificate. The accusations of “sealing” are a deliberate attempt to insinuate some kind of secrecy or wrongdoing where none exists.

It would be interesting to try to get another person, who was born in Hawaii, certificate of birth. That way one could see if they are enforcing the law across the board

Markxxx, here’s the website that tells you how to make an official request for certified copies of vital records from Hawaii government offices.

If you know the name of somebody who was born in Hawaii, and you don’t mind wasting the time of Hawaiian government employees with frivolous requests, then knock yourself out.

I doubt you’re going to get very far, though, as the Hawaiian government requires individuals to show photo ID when requesting copies of their vital records.
But that does raise an interesting idea: If I submitted a request to the State of Ohio for a copy of the birth certificate of Jerome Corsi (Jerome Robert Corsi, born 8/31/46 in East Cleveland), and the State of Ohio told me to go jump in the lake, could I then go around claiming that the Governor of Ohio had sealed Corsi’s birth certificate and demanding to know what he was trying to hide?

I gotcha. I assumed the story was bull, I just didn’t know how much bull it was.

If it came from Corsi, there’s more bull in it than there is in a post-corrida barbecue in Barcelona.

LOL. The funniest thing I’ve read all day - thank you! :smiley:

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