Hawaiian Airlines Steps Up! (ATA / Aloha Airlines Are Gone)

I doubt anyone has heard who is outside of the islands of Aloha Airlines going belly-up, but one of the two major island-owned/based airline companies, (Aloha Airlines), has gone out of business. Then a day or so later, ATA also went out of business. Due to this, thousands of people have become stranded on both the islands and the mainland.

Hawaiian Airlines, the second major airline company based in Hawaii, has stepped up. They’ve taken it upon themselves to try and fly people back home who have been stranded, filling up empty seats and sending an extra plane or two to help those who have been stranded by ATA and Aloha Airlines. I haven’t heard on the news of any other airline stepping up with this kind of aloha and generosity, but I hope that other companies catch wind of Hawaiian Airline’s helping hand and help to pitch in and help those who are just wanting to get home. Plus, they’ve added a one-time extra flight all the way to San Francisco and to Los Angeles to get people back home. ( http://kgmb9.com/main/content/view/5293/197/ / http://kgmb9.com/main/content/view/5231/40/ )
Plus, Hawaiian Air is immediately opening up several new job openings to help those who have been laid off.

On a smaller but just as awesome scale, a female wrestling team from a highschool here in Hawaii ended up being stranded on the mainland due to ATA’s shutting down, and one of the parents of the girls used his credit card to pay over $4000 to get the entire team back home. That was just awesome on his part!

Late addition: I’ve just read that US Airways is trying to help out too. I’m glad that companies are stepping up, because those poor people stranded by no fault of their own…it’s awful.

We’ve flown both. The two have always been interchangeable in my mind. I think Hawaiian, though, actually flies to Bangkok. I’ve seen their planes parked at the airport here. Or was that Aloha?

They’ve always been kinda interchangeable in my mind too. Aloha and Hawaiian had a kind of friendly rivalry, and in the past, used to accept each others’ coupons too.
It sounds more like Hawaiian would fly to Bankok, as I think they also had more flights to the mainland.

There’s a follow-up to this here.

Looks like Hawaiian could really come out on top. Also looks like travel to Hawaii may become more expensive.

It was big in our paper, because that eliminated all direct flights to Hawaii from Oakland. On the radio driving in they announced that Hawaiian Air was going to start direct flights May 1. ATA was about 4% of the business at Oakland, so it was significant - Aloha was another 1%. ATA screwed over lots of people by just shutting down like that.

Not like there’s anywhere between for them to stop. :smiley:

Nyuk nyuk. :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah, it was one subject that did come back up, was that prices would be on the rise. It’ll be harder to get between islands using planes now, but at least there’s the superferry. Even with the different sides feuding over it, at least it’s cheaper than flying.

The whole thing made me antsy, because my SO and I are planning on coming home for a week in May and I knew price hikes were imminent. Fortunately I was able to make my reservations yesterday at reasonably sane prices.

My mom’s been working for SuperFerry, and I’m hoping this will help secure them as an interisland travel option.

I’ve heard about it, especially since we have some employees who either were visiting or had business in HI, and who were stumped as what to do.

One of my oldest friends is (was) a pilot for Aloha, so now he’s scrambling to assemble a resume because there’s going to be lots of competition for what may be very very few slots in some of the bigger companies (and, from how he’s talked in the past, most of the pilots for Aloha worked there because they liked living in Hawaii, so there’s not going to be as big a motivation for them to uproot themselves if they can help it).

Actually, it was the running story on CNN yesterday while I was in the waiting room at a doctor’s office.

I found it… creepy. A whole airline just up and disappearing like that? With pretty much no warning? It sounds like one of those horror stories where the protagonist is driving somewhere and finds an entire town just deserted, televisions still on and food sitting out, but not a soul to be seen.

Good to hear that Hawaiian is taking over, though. From what I gather Aloha shared some smaller commuter/feeder flights on the US mainland with another large airline, and the other airline promptly started scheduling extra flights and honoring Aloha tickets to get people home. Good on them.

Unfortunately, that has precedence with many other airline failures. It’s not as if they can announce a plan to go bankrupt and cease operations (truly shutting the doors, not just restructuring) and expect to be leant any credit by anyone with half a brain. If they can’t fuel up the planes, pay for maintenence, and the pilots won’t show up to work for free, how in the world can they run an airline?

Not only do we have two airlines abruptly shutting down, a third is winding down. Champion Airways a charter operation announced that they will fufill thier obligations and fly all remaining flights they have chartered. On May 31st They will park their fleet and dissolve their corporation.

ETA:It looks like a 4th is on thier way out. Rumor has it that Columbus based Skybus airlines will be parking thier fleet soon.

I think I’ve read about the superferry. Is that the boat that was prevented from docking on its first day by Hawaiian environmentalists? Something about it could be harmful? If so, I saw that on CNN, then the story disappeared. How long would it take to go between, say, Oahu and the Big Island?

It was prevented from docking at Kauai’s Nawiliwili Harbor at least twice, IIRC. And it wasn’t just environmentalists protesting the SF; it included Kauai residents concerned about their existing infrastructure not being able to support the additional traffic and visitors. It’s been awhile since I’ve lived there, but a significantly reasonable concern.

Environmentally speaking, the SF travels at high speeds through marine sanctuaries putting wildlife, specifically humpback whales, at serious risk. Additionally, the SF raises the risk of invasive species being introduced to outer islands much more than airline travel did, since you are also introducing vehicles, and adds to the risks already associated with existing commercial shipping.

The protest stemmed a great deal from the end-run that the SF company in collusion with the State, made around laws pertaining to impact studies, coupled with the fact that Kauai residents felt their concerns were completely ignored, if not minimized, made for a very heated stand off.

I haven’t talked to my parents recently about it, but they were dedicated to making their voices heard and ended up peaceably protesting and attending community meetings on the subject. They were not pleased to say the least. Unfortunately, some were a bit more vehement and not-so-law-abiding in their protest efforts, tainting the media’s representation of the protest. Officials, such as the Coast Guard and State representatives, could probably done a lot better job, as well.

Not a rumor, apparently: Here’s the AP story.

4 airlines go TU in one week. These are interesting times indeed…

For someone firmly planted within the avation industry, this is not what I thought I’d be using my 200th post ruminating over.

Interesting times indeed…

I will probably fly Go Airlines inter-island this summer (Go was the airline that Aloha blamed for it’s demise). The super ferry doesn’t go between Oahu and the Big Island. You can see why. :wink: But seriously, the super ferry only runs between Honolulu and Kahului. I need to get to the Kona coast.

Oh crap, I have a good friend who’s girlfriend is in town visiting via SkyBus. Hopefully some of the legacy carriers will continue their generosity in covering for these failed upstarts.

I wonder what motivates them to do so? Anyone have any ideas? Just how cheap are the newly offered , “discount,” fares?

Oh, whoops, I started a new thread about Skybus before looking at this one. There’s a story up on the Columbus Dispatch website (http://www.dispatch.com) with more details.