Hawaiian potato mac salad

I don’t know how Hawaiian it is, other than Hawaiians are the only ones I know of who make potato mac salad. Anyway, I made some.

[ul][li]4 yellow potatoes, peeled, cubed large, and boiled – but not boiled too much;[/li][li]1 cup elbow macaroni, boiled until tender but not mushy (i.e., more than al dente*;[/li][li]1 cup frozen peas, defrosted[/li][li]½ cup chopped yellow onion;[/li][li]3 hard-boiled eggs, chopped;[/li][li]1 Tablespoon white vinegar;[/li][li]½ teaspoon celery seeds (whatever was left in the jar);[/li][li]½ teaspoon garlic salt;[/li][li]a few shakes of garlic powder;[/li][li]2 cups Best Foods mayonnaise.[/ul][/li]I think that’s it. I wasn’t using an actual recipe.

Cool the cooked potatoes to room temperature. When the macaroni is done, drain it and let it sit in cold water until the potatoes are cool. Mix everything together except the peas, onions, and eggs. Judge the amount of mayonnaise needed. Mix, and break up the large chunks of potatoes. Fold in the peas, onions, and eggs. Sprinkle with paprika (for looks, as if I knew what I was doing), and chill.

I’m roasting a chicken tomorrow, so we’ll have potato mac salad with it.

If I served macaroni salad, the Ukuele Lady would have my balls for battledores.

What’s with mixing spuds with mac, anyway? I thought those crazy Hawaiians served regular mac salad with a ball of white rice and something savory and delicious, like barbecued pork or curried chicken, for Hot Lunch?

No idea, but it sure is good!

I gather that macaroni salad is a staple there, but I’ve only had potato mac.

What, no pineapple?!? :dubious: :eek: :confused:

Nor Spam™??? :smiley:

I’ve heard some people put SPAM[sup]®[/sup] in it, but I don’t really care for it mixed into that sort of salad. (I did put it in the fried rice I made last week though. :wink: )

Last month, one of my coworkers said it was time for a potluck. We decided on July 25th.

So I’ve mixed up a very large batch of potato-mac salad. This time with some shredded carrots.