Hawk 1, Squirrel 0

The circle of life has come to Royal Oak, MI.

I’ve been noticing a large bird of prey (a hawk or falcon or somesuch) in my neighborhood for about a year now. Yesterday, I was in my son’s room, and I looked out his window just in time to see the hawk flying away holding a squirrel.

The unlucky tree rat was in my neighbor’s front yard across the street, and I’m pretty sure it was still alive, since it looked like it was squirming. I didn’t see where the bird took it to have lunch. The whole incident was over in about 5 seconds.

I’m actually a little concerned about my dog. He’s a chihuahua, and while I doubt the hawk could lift him, I’m afraid it might still attack him.

Well, duh. After hanging around for a year, the hawk was bound to be pretty hungry.

I wish the hawks would get a little busier in my neighborhood. The squirrels are getting pretty uppity.

I would recommend not leaving an animal as small as a Chihuahua outside unsupervised. Even if the hawk is not an issue, something that little is a midday snack for something like a coyote.

There’s no coyotes around here, thank God. Perhaps there might have been wolves once, but they’ve been gone for about a century now.

Once in Gainesville, FL, I saw similar. A hawk (or eagle or whatever) dropped into the top of a tree in full leaf and came out with a squirrel. Flew over to its perch on a building and got to eating it.

I also agree with Hypno-Toad, my neighborhood could use a few more hawks. Too many squirrels around.

I highlydoubt youhave no coyotes.

When our Dachsunds were leetle, I caught a hawk out back a couple of times just watching and waiting for a snack.

Now that they’re 10 and 20 pounds each, they’re beyond a hawk carrying them away, but I did have a Bald Eagle show up on one of our platform bird feeders last summer. I had no idea Atlanta had eagles around!

We do have coyotes, but what are you going to do, eh?

Actually, you totally do have coyotes. Just because you haven’t seen them doesn’t mean they’re not around. The only time I have seen a coyote around my house was one LATE night when I happened to be standing outside my home at the right time to spot one loping down the street. They are very, very successful at living among humans - partially because they are good at sneaking around without humans noticing. Cats and small dogs are in serious danger of being killed by coyotes even in very urban places these days.

Coyotes have even been spotted in downtown Chicago.